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Mitra discovers she is a lesbian and wants to pursue the girl she is in love with; if only Indian society was more evolved back in 1947 than it is now.Mitra is based on famous Indian literary work.‘Mitra’ is a period college drama that unfolds between 1944 and 1947. Amidst freedom struggle, Bapu befriends Mitra.Mitra is dynamic and quite a fire brand. She is a part of the Progressive Writers Movement.While Bapu is frail and timid, who aspires to be Writer.Mitra is everything Bapu is not. So he idolizes her, and loves her. Until Mitra informs him that she is a lesbian. Bapu’s world comes crashing down. Homosexuality is beyond comprehension for this village bloke. Mitra pursues Nama. And Bapu observes their love story unfold from a close quarter. However, soon Nama realizes that her relationship with Mitra is an exercise in futility. So she starts to recede. But Mitra strongly believes she can make it work. She makes desperate efforts to hold on to her aggressively; even resorting to violence.Bapu doesn’t like what his friend is becoming. He tries to drive sense into Mitra, but she is adamant and aggressive.In frustration Bapu does something that changes his and Mitra’s life forever.Unintentionally, Bapu makes Mitra’s sexuality public knowledge. She is arrested under section 377, which criminalizes homosexuality in India. She is arrested and tried. When she comes out of the jail, India is a free country; but it will take a long time for her to get her freedom.



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