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The Mind Field


WADE, 26, is a passionate musician from Los Angeles who hasn't gotten together with his childhood friends - JAMES, 26, and JANDO, 24, since college. In the years in-between, James has moved to New York to pursue writing while Jando is working as a fitness trainer in San Francisco. The three decide to reunite after Wade suggests a last minute camping trip while they're all 

English subtitle: 


Information for the Audience: 

I make movies to challenge our collective ideas of what makes us human... 

In a time when our nation’s stories are one dimensional and our heroes are often cliches, I offer a rebuttal. The human spirit is infinite in its nuance and the collective unconscious we share is steeped in myth and symbol, waiting to be discovered and decoded. May its characters have as much shadow as light. 

I make movies to open people's eyes and look within themselves... 

In a time when technology yearns for our attention and artifice disguises itself as truth, I ask for quiet reflection. It is within our journey inward that we are able to awaken to the infinite. The truth can only be found in the face of authentic vulnerability. May audiences discover the truth in the narrative and in so doing find the truth in themselves. 

I make movies to inspire and uplift... 

In a time when our citizens are discouraged and our culture is limited by its institutions, I remind people that anything is possible. No one ever accomplished a goal without first humbling themselves to the task and setting their minds to it. Our reality is metaphysical. May the stories born from it shine as a reminder to everyone that they are the creators of their destiny. 


Screenings / Awards: 

Preselected at Vancouver FilmDance


Directed by: 
Adam Christy
Writing credits: 
Adam Christy
Blaise Godbe Lipman Brendan McGowan Alejandro Andrews
Produced by: 
Adam Christy Blaise Godbe Lipman
Music by: 
Brendan McGowan
Cinematography by: 
Joshua Delagarza
Film Editing by: 
Adam Christy
Casting by: 
Adam Christy
Art Direction by: 
Joshua Delagarza
Costume Design by: 
Adam Christy
Other crew: 
Jacob Miller - Production Sound
Release Date: 
Friday, October 27, 2017
Total votes: 529

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