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Mi Sangre Enarbolada (A Family Love Story)


Oblivion is our biggest fear and cinema has the capacity to bring back to life for a moment those whose memory has been captured on film. My mother and my uncle passed away in an extraordinary way that symbolized true friendship and the love between siblings. Their passing was the most important thing that ever happened in my life, and I keep the story as a treasure. When my nephew was born I knew that I needed to make it into a film, so that he could get to know his ancestors and the magic and poetry that existed between them.




Information for the Audience: 

In 2014 at Küstendorf Festival in Serbia I told the Iranian director Asgar Farhadi about “Mi Sangre Enarbolada (A Family Love Story)”; I wanted to hear his opinion about my creative process. after hearing it, the only thing he told me was: “The worst thing you can do with the grieving, is wasting it”. 


To talk about something so close and personal was a true challenge; it took me more than three years to make this film. The absence of my loved ones, their memory, my grieving and the grieving of my friends and family, helped me to understand that those who have passed belong to those who remain. 


Every time I watch this film I am with them, and even those who will never meet them (the audience), will be able to feel them and get to know them.  There is something magical in the knowledge that even after their passing they can continue to exist in other people’s hearts.  


Screenings / Awards: 

October 2016- 18th MIDBO, Bogotá - award winner "Boris Spiwak" for best film in the student category.

Directed by: 
Luis Palomino Benítez
Writing credits: 
Luis Palomino Benítez
Mamá/Mother - Ana Benítez Muro Tío/Uncle - José Benítez Muro Abuela/Grandmother - Ana Muro Merino Tía/Aunt - Patricia Benítez Muro Papá/Dad - David Palomino Serrano Hermano/Brother - Jorge Palomino Benítez Amigo/Friend - Carlos Narro Robles Amiga/Friend - Maricarmen Junio Amigo/Friend - David Martin del Campo.
Produced by: 
Thomas Nordanstad, Arianna Flores, Patricia Benítez Muro
Music by: 
Eduardo Gamboa
Cinematography by: 
Daniel Vidaurri Nuñez
Film Editing by: 
Molly Ferrill, Smithi Skunnawat
Art Direction by: 
Federico Cantú
Release Date: 
Friday, October 7, 2016
Official sites:
Total votes: 6325

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