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Human mind is obscure. It has different virtues and vices within. There's saying in Vedas (The earliest body of Indian scripture) that we should eliminates three flaws that lies within us. They are 'Madd' which means arrogance, 'Moh' which means desire and 'Matsar' which means jealousy. The amplitude may vary from person to person but they all do exist together in every human kind. The journey of eliminating these vices is the background on which film is narrated.The film is about a journalist on her way to take an interview of a 'Booker's prize' winning author for his fiction - 'Matsar'. Matsar is a fiction on the reality of discriminations & casteism that exists in India since centuries. The fiction deals with three different characters having these vices within them and how they converge and come to the stage of elimination of these vices. The names & deeds of characters are metaphorical representation of Lord Krishna & his friend Sudama as per Indian Mythology. The journalist while going through the interview and discussion of the fiction, simultaneously undergoes the process of transformation and experiences the change within. “Change one person and the world will be changed” is the concept portrayed in the timeline of the film.




Information for the Audience: 

Directors: Dave Jigar
Writers: Dave Jigar
Producers: Rutvij Patel
Key cast: Rutvij Patel,Karm Vyas,Pooja Patel,Rishi Jani,Archan Trivedi

Total votes: 13

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