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Man. Woman. Nature. Three forces that constantly engage in an unending play of life and survival intrigues us in our immediate spaces. We are exposed to news that draw raging colours of violence and remain agitated for we don't know how to predict the next tragedy. How can a human being in a democratic and civilised country as we claim can be intolerant to the million stories that burst in our eyes ; images of hapless women victims regardless of their age, caste or status. Leela is the incarnation of the time we live in. She resists being the mouse moving within the palm of men by an eternal submission to a larger nemesis, a salvation which a Sita from our epic can claim. Leela is a bleeding testimony of our times and a result of prodigal machismos who rule around us. It is a cinematic attempt to mirror the worst within all of us put against a last chance of redemption before doom.




Information for the Audience: 

Directors: Ranjith
Writers: Unni R
Producers: Ranjith Balakrishnan
Key cast: Biju Menon

Total votes: 88

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