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The last wood


'THE LAST WOOD' is the shivering face of the difficulties, absurdness and irony of life which is silent in the noise and remains still in the hustle. Film defines the helplessness of life which is the destiny lives with the life forever. Here the truth encounters with its clear and very honest face. Film describes that the chilling nights of December are more painful than the harshness of sun. Film also speaks up that sometimes light may symbolize the dark faces of life than darkness. Here, a life is not defeated in the course of patronising another life but somebody else wins. The gist of the film based on the question that who is left behind in the course of the truth lived together and who left his part for other to live alone.
Film born with the fear of a relation and dies with the emptiness of the same. The last word should be mentioned here that "where the sky will fly away". Film standstill with the beginning of a tragedy.


Information for the Audience: 

Directors: Dr. Sudhir Aazad
Writers: Dr. Sudhir Aazad
Producers: Dr. Sudhir Aazad
Key cast: Dada ji

Total votes: 707

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