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LA PASADA - The Crossing


„LA PASADA – The crossing is a story about the old girl (FLORA, Erni Mangold), who dared to realise her uncompromising life-plan and about the premature boy (ARIEL, Flavio Schily) who, through revealing her life-lie, turns into a man.

LA PASADA also tells about the ardent fury of a defrauded daughter (DOLORES, Doina Weber) and the calm sovereignty of a disrooted stranger (CAL, David Wurawa), who is the only one to comprehend the relativity of what we call „truth“.

LA PASADA puts brilliant loners in the borderland between stage and film, me and you, woman and man, Europe and Africa, land and sea, life and death.
The cinematic narration experiments with the intersection of documentary, illusionistic and theatric style-elements.




Information for the Audience: 

Directors: Anna Maria Krassnigg
Writers: Anna Poloni
Producers: Christian Mair, Anna Maria Krassnigg
Key cast: Erni Mangold, David Wurawa, Doina Weber, Flavio Schily, Martin Schwanda, Gioia Osthoff

Total votes: 229

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