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La Città Senza Notte


In the aftermath of the Fukushima incident, Mariko is not able to find sleep anymore. Convinced by the repeated pleas of her former Italian fiance, Rocco, she eventually decides to leave Japan and join him in Sicily. There, as their past inability to communicate re-emerges, Mariko passively resists any attempt at integration and begins to refuse eating and sleeping, until they finally realize that Mariko is actually only able to sleep when driven around by car at night, lulled into slumber by the lights of the unfamiliar city…


Information for the Audience: 

Directors: Alessandra Pescetta Writers: Alessandra Pescetta, Giovanni Calcagno Producers: Alessandra Pescetta, Giacomo Bruzzo (co-producer), Angelo D'Agostino (Associate Producer) Key cast: Maya Murofushi, Giovanni Calcagno

Total votes: 1047

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