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Kill Face


As Halloween night falls in a ruined British city, four inept schemers have a plan. Steeped in gambling debts, Oscar is convinced that a one-off big score with two career criminals, “Stuntman” and “Bizzo”, is the solution to his problems. Stuntman claims to have devised a “criminal masterpiece”, but he’s keeping the details quiet until go-time. Oscar overlooks this curious secrecy, believing Stuntman to be a criminal genius. But his long-suffering friend and accomplice, Mikey, isn’t so sure. Having spotted Stuntman dancing naked on the roof and speaking in tongues, Mikey suspects both the credentials and motives of this supposed mastermind. Consequently, he and Oscar bicker incessantly while manning the HQ, even having a wrestle to determine who’s more “manly”. But it’s all academic: with vicious debtors closing in, Oscar has little choice but to trust in the plan, whatever it may be. Meanwhile, Stuntman has dropped acid, acquired a pistol, and started cackling at the moon. Bizzo, having followed Stuntman around town on a series of bizarre underworld encounters, begins to question the latter’s sanity and makes plans of his own. As zero hour approaches, the four protagonists are united and Stuntman’s audacious plan is finally revealed. At Stuntman’s insistence, to get “psyched”, the group don animal masks and engage in ritualistic dancing. Events soon go south, however, when Stuntman accidently fires the pistol into his own face. The old plan is off. A new plan is needed – and fast. With a corpse on their hands, the group will have to overcome petty differences and profound idiocy if they hope to escape with their lives and liberty intact. 


English subtitle: 


Information for the Audience: 

Kill Face was made for a budget of £500 over the course of three years. It is the result of a lot of determination, hard work, and brief stints of insanity.

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Directed by: 
Christopher Murnaghan
Writing credits: 
Christopher Murnaghan
Bizzo: Louis Brown Stuntman: Dan Smith Oscar: Oscar Thomas-Wilson Mikey: Michael Brumby Smoking Lady: Erin Leigh Richie: Christopher Murnaghan Oscar’s Ex: Sophie Baeza Moonbird: Alex Cooper Man in the Cupboard: Joshua Hillier Barista: Bobby Beatroot The Grocer: Patrick Lyons Grocer’s Goon: James Ward
Produced by: 
Christopher Murnaghan, Jack Dennis, Marc Cornish
Music by: 
Cinematography by: 
Christopher Murnaghan
Film Editing by: 
Christopher Murnaghan
Casting by: 
Christopher Murnaghan
Production Design by: 
Christopher Murnaghan
Art Direction by: 
Christopher Murnaghan
Set Decoration by: 
Christopher Murnaghan
Costume Design by: 
Christopher Murnaghan
Makeup Department: 
Christopher Murnaghan
Production Management: 
Christopher Murnaghan
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