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Jerusalem In Line


Since the 1967 six day war, and the annexing of East Jerusalem to Israel, its Arab population has lived in a sort of limbo, being recognized as Israeli residents but not as Israeli citizens. This film explores this state of perpetual limbo through the lives of three East Jerusalem inhabitants; a sick man in need of medical treatment, a girl seeking recognition by Israel and a man attempting to re-build his demolished home. All are forced to grapple with Kafkaesque bureaucratic reality marked by standing in a single line outside the office of the Israeli Interior Ministry in East Jerusalem. Through its heroes, the film offers an understanding of the impact the Israeli-Palestinian conflict has on regular people striving to lead lives under extraordinary circumstances


Information for the Audience: 

Directors: Amir Har-Gil
Writers: Amir Har-Gil
Producers: Amir Har-Gil
Key cast:

Total votes: 1801

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