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An evidently successful young business man is tortured one night by terrifying nightmares. By virtue of his rational nature, he initially does not think much of them – blaming them on his long working day. However, as the night progresses and the bad dreams do not subside, he decides to take some sleeping pills. All in vain. The nightmares grip his sleep and, on the contrary, they become far more intense. Every time he closes his eyes, the next ghastly scene unfolds.Although he does indeed assume that all these figures and symbols appearing to him in his sleep have some connection to his life, he simply cannot assign them to anyone in particular. At first he feels harassed, then exposed, and consequently even threatened.He is not aware that his past and his fears have manifested themselves so vividly in his subconscious, to the extent that they begin to merge with reality. He doubts his perception even more, believes that he is hearing voices, and eventually prepares himself to strike back against his ghosts.Being simultaneously the hunted and the prisoner for hours in his own apartment, his fears may turn into pure madness as the morning dawns.




Information for the Audience: 

Directors: Sara M. Olivka
Writers: Sara M. Olivka
Producers: Sara M. Olivka
Key cast: Fabian Schiffkorn,Susanna Hirschler,Rainer Spechtl,Jannika Vollbach,Sonja Vollbach,Sandra Damiani-Schider,Julia Hajek,Scharmien Zandi,Patrick Zaller,Bernhard Heiss

Total votes: 173

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