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HULDRA - Lady of the Forest


Nanna lives a lonely and regimented life in Berlin. When her life crashes she receives a phone call from her long lost love, Martin, who reminds her of their carefree childhood. Martin wants her to join him for a hike in the wilderness together with some of their mutual childhood friends. One of them, Peter (The Swede), has been told of a strange hermitic hippie-like society out in the Swedish wilderness and the group set off on an adventure unaware of the fact that once they reach their destination nothing will ever be the same again. As they are drawn deeper and deeper into the forest mysterious events start to unsettle the dynamics of the group. Reality begins to shift in ways none of them could have imagined and relations between the friends become strained and volatile. They had come looking for adventure, but nothing could have prepared them for what lies in wait...




Information for the Audience: 

Directors: Ove Valeskog
Writers: Ove Valeskog
Producers: Ove Valeskog
Key cast: Rebecca Labbé

Total votes: 259

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