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Hope in the bottle


Producing olive oil in Palestine compares to throwing a bottled SOS at sea - and yet this bottle, like a miracle in the Holy Land, might reach its destination….

beyond the barricades.

Hope in a bottle tells the story of the turbulent journey travelled by a bottle of olive oil in the West Bank, and in this sense defines itself as a road-movie,

The film creates a connection with Palestinians farmers, who attempt to maintain a perennial and sustainable form of agriculture in the face of issues concerning export caused by the occupation.
This bottle’s tribulations are an introduction to the West Bank, and to the Palestinian people, revealed in their daily routine and activities.

A way to show that life always wins.  The film is touching by its  characters’ grace and humour - but it also finds its strength in the depiction of the political context and situation of this divided land.


English subtitle: 


Information for the Audience: 

Hope in the bottle,


a film by Haicha Ladrouz, producer haicha ladrouz, this film is self funded.

Screenings / Awards: 

2016 april, PCMMO Paris (Panorama du cinema du maghreb et du moyen-orient) France
2016 Agust Festival de Lama Corsica/ France
2016 September Resistance film Festival Tehran/iran
2016 October Medimed Barcelona Spain
2016 December Unity film festiaval/ Iran, award Best director

Directed by: 
Haicha Ladrouz
Writing credits: 
©Haicha Ladrouz
Mahmoud, palestinian farmer Ayoub, palestinian farmer
Produced by: 
Haicha Ladrouz
Music by: 
Mehdi Haddab
Film Editing by: 
Haicha Ladrouz/Isabelle devinck
Release Date: 
Thursday, January 21, 2016
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