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Growing Young


Minks, 18, is living with her Nan who has dementia. Unaware of what Dementia really is, Minks is trying to understand the severity of her Nan’s forgetfulness. The two women share a unique bond, despite their generational gap, which is highlighted by Nan’s good sense of humour. However it’s only a matter of time til Minks is forced to realise she can no longer care for her Nan on her own. 

Information for the Audience: 

Starring Samara Weaving & Kaye Stevenson. Directed by Hayley MacFarlane and produced by James Woods.   

Screenings / Awards: 

·      2016 WINNER; BEST NARRATIVE SHORT, IndieWise Virtual Festival

·      2016 SEMI-FINALIST, Hollywood Screenings Film Festival

·      2016 OFFICIAL SELECTION, Wollongong Film Festival

·      2016 NOMINATED; BEST SHORT DRAMA, International Monthly Film Festival (September)

·      2016 OFFICIAL SELECTION Sydney Indie Film Festival

·      2016 SEMI FINALIST International Open Film Festival

·      2016 OFFICIAL SELECTION Garden City International Film Festival

·      2015 AWARD OF MERIT Women Filmmakers, Best shorts Competition USA

·      2015 OFFICIAL SELECTION Arizona International Film Festival

·      2015 GOLD AWARD Actress in a leading role (Samara Weaving), International Independent Film Awards

·      2015 GOLD AWARD Directing, International Independent Film Awards

·      2015 AWARD OF MERIT Women filmmakers, Best Short Competition

·      2015 OFFICIAL SELECTION Miami Independent Film Festival

·      2015 OFFICIAL SELECTION Jehlum Short & Long Film Festival

·      2015 CANNES FILM FESTIVAL short Film corner

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