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An introspective look at the relationship between a woman struggling with depression and the unfailing husband who seeks to draw her out of her latest breakdown.

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Director: Larica Perera

Writer: Larica Perera

Producers: Larica Perera & Michael Chwastiak

Starring Michael Chwastiak & Dawn Sadler


Greenwood is an extremely personal story and one that I chose to tell in order to further our public discussion of mental health. The stigma around mental illness is still quite deep-seated, and it's my hope as a filmmaker to contribute to positive discussions regarding the ways in which we view mental illnesses as a society. As a community, I hope that we can all strive to make it more accepting for sufferers to have a forum through which they can voice their experiences, and for those listening, to meet these experiences with warmth, understanding and support. 



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