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Gloria: a character


Gloria is a retired actress, she spends her time rehearsing for her standup comedy show, during her career she got taped undressing on her dressing room and the video got viral, she drinks to numb the pain of being exposed and continues that cycle by showing her vulnerability and laughing to cover the darkness beneath as way to punish herself for her tormented past defined by her shadow    




Information for the Audience: 

Written and directed by Derrick Cruz

Actors: Mariana Huerta and Dillon Wrich

Director of photography: Lucas Paz

Production designer: Samuel Paynter

Assistant director: Amalia Ramirez

Assistant camera: Oulike Fnu

Gaffer: Leon Tianze Wang

Key grip: Ye Kuang

Second AC: Yue Chen

Sound mixer: Xia Hou

Boom: Kemp Liu

Best boy: Tracy Hannel  

Screenings / Awards: 

Nominated as best actress by the Barcelona Planet Film Festival 

Directed by: 
Derrick Cruz
Writing credits: 
Derrick Cruz
Mariana Huerta and Dillon Wrich
Produced by: 
Samuel Paynter
Music by: 
Xia Hou
Release Date: 
Monday, December 12, 2016
Total votes: 514

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