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Giving Back The Name With Respect


The Haida have shown their strength, resiliency, and perseverance while navigating the decimation of 95% of their people, the introduction of Residential Schools, new religious and cultural ways, and outside governance and power structures. On June 17/2010 the colonial name, Queen Charlotte Islands, was respectfully given back to the Crown by the Haida Nation at a ceremony held in Old Massett, Haida Gwaii. At this ceremony the islands’ proper name, Haida Gwaii, was formally recognized and honored; a symbolic event illuminating new beginnings and the spirit of reconciliation. Giving Back The Name With Respect was a monumental time in Haida and Canadian history.


English subtitle: 
Directed by: 
Gwaliga Hart
Roy Jones Sr, Colin Richardson, Percy Crosby, James Hart, Mary Swanson, Arnie Bellis, Allan Wilson, Diane Brown, Reynold Russ, Gordon Campbell, Guujaaw, Tyler Bellis, Gladys Vandal, June Russ, Heidi Marks, Brannon Bell
Produced by: 
Pauline Heaton 'Longhouse Productions' in association with Gwaliga Hart 'StoryHouse Productions,' Executive Producer: N. John Smith
Cinematography by: 
Ceremony DOP: Tony Westman, Interview DOP: Neil Seale, Camera Operators Ceremony: Nate Jolley and Kiefer Collison, Additional B-Roll: Gwaliga Hart, Michael Bourquin
Film Editing by: 
Editor: Michael Bourquin, Audio and Video Post Production: Jerry Krepakevich 'Filmtronics'
Other crew: 
Location Audio: David Hechenberger, Post Production and Stills Photographer: Jack Litrell, Mentors: Loretta Todd - Directing, Neil Seale - Camera, Beth Millar - Editing, Pauline Heaton - Producing, Trainees: Tracey Moore - Directing, Towustasin Stocker - Camera, Haida Camera and Trainees Ceremony: Curtis Brown, Kristy Bell, Camera Tech: Stephen Latta, Production Assistant: Fae Morris, Unit Producer: J Marcus Campbell, Silverstone Media Inc.: Gerry Mackay, Dave Koskeia, Development Editor: Cheyanna Kootenhayo
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