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Feel da Reggae (Feel da Reggae)


Feel da Reggae story Viento Roots Monterrey independent music group that transcending dreams reggae music in Mexico. The passion for music the camaraderie and reggae combine to launch a proposal true to the genre Rastafarian music singing to the Indians of Chiapas reflecting on social movements like the Zapatistas and ending by expressing music firsthand experiences as violence in the state of Nuevo Leon with the sucitada shooting at the club known as The Iguanas. Sharing the stage with renowned national and international musicians of the genre reggae as Ky-Mani Marley son of the legendary Bob Marley which allowed them to get on the 2011 National Award group revelation of the reggae genre in Mexico DF Music as a hope of love music as a tool to experience the values of friendship tolerance and freedom to create.


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