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Fading Sands

Something is changing in the Pacific Ocean. Tidal levels are increasing, crops are failing, storms are getting bigger and less frequent, and the land is being eroded away. On Australia’s doorstop the Indigenous peoples of the Pacific have nowhere to run as climatic changes bring frequent disaster to their shores. 
Living with constant fear, island communities, are forced to face the prospect of having to relocate away from their ancestral homes and start a new life as climate refugees without the connection to their past and sacred sites. 
From the remote atoll of Ongoing Java, to the islands of Guadal Canal, Santa Ana, Santa Christabel and Makira the stories and evidence are the same, it’s not like the times of old, the trees are gone, the cemeteries are under water, they are now living closer to their farming lands and the pressure is on as the population grows and crops begin to fail. 
Fading Sands is a documentary that follows the stories of those navigating through the chaos, working to find a new way to live so they can thrive in the changing environment and survey first hand the damage being caused to their land. 
Interviews with the Solomon Islands Department of Climate Change, the former Solomon Islands Prime Minister and other community leaders, Fading Sands brings together many voices affected by the changes happening in their islands. The stories and vision were captured on location in the Solomon Islands and show the world that while some may dispute the cause of Climate Change, the evidence of what is happening in the Pacific Islands is strikingly clear. 


Information for the Audience: 

I was ambivalent about the effects of climate change. However, having seen it first hand, it’s clear to me, there is something changing in the Pacific. We heard stories of rising sea levels, salt water intrusion, temperature increases and extreme weather events – all placing pressure on the people of the Solomon Islands. If we don’t lend a hand now, then we may find waves of displaced people leaving their homes as climate refugees looking for safety elsewhere.

Screenings / Awards: 

FIFO Tahiti and Paris (Winner Okeanos Prix)

Asia Pacific International Film Festival, Indonesia

Dauville Green Awards, France

Anuu-ru Aboro Film Festival, New Caledonia

Chandler International Film Festival, USA (Jan 2018)

Southern States Indie Film Fanfest

Festival International Cannes

Austria International Film Festival

Malta Film Festival

Directed by: 
Stephen Limkin
Produced by: 
Stephen Limkin
Music by: 
Tane Matheson
Cinematography by: 
Stephen Limkin
Film Editing by: 
Tane Matheson
Release Date: 
Wednesday, February 1, 2017
Official sites:
Total votes: 484

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