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Faaji Agba


Faaji Agba is a six-year journey by film-maker Remi Vaughan-Richards following seven, 68-85yr old Yoruba master musicians in Lagos, Nigeria. They were forgotten by society, until Kunle Tejuoso, owner of Jazzhole Records, follows a trail to rediscover them and the 'FAAJI AGBA COLLECTIVE is born. Kunle's journey starts with Fatai Rolling Dollar, which leads him to others such as Alaba Pedro, SF Olowookere, Ayinde Bakare and more. Their musical styles range from highlife, juju to afrobeat. The story starts in 2009 and follows them on their journey to perform in New York in 2011 where tragedy strikes. A year later, undeterred by the setback they perform again in Lagos, ends up being their last. Faaji Agba interweaves the history, culture and music scene of Lagos, Nigeria from 1940’s to 2015 as their joys and tragedies unfold


Information for the Audience: 

Directors: Remi Vaughan-Richards
Producers: Remi Vaughan-Richards, Kunle Tejuoso
Key cast: Fatai Rolling Dollar, Sina Ayinde Bakare, "Tejebaby" Tejuoso, S.F. Olowookere, Prince Eji, Y.S Akinibosun, Kokoro the blind minstrel, "Oguns"

Total votes: 1571

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