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Elephant Escabeaux


Four friends, all prominent artists in the province of Mendoza, Argentina, embark on the making of the sculpture “Reverence”, a sonorous and kinetic work of art, three meters in height, to be done in a minimal amount of time. Armed with just a few detached pieces obtained in a junkyard in Bermejo, they must go through different levels of resolution as they talk about their friendship, the experiences and roads travelled while evolving into artists, and the implications of gathering now to work together again.An allusion to another construction runs through their story: one that each of them has been forging deep inside in anticipation of this new shared work: that of building a stepladder from a singular piece; a toehold from which to climb, with a unique name wrought along the way.




Information for the Audience: 

Directors: Gabriela Laura Nafissi
Writers: Gabriela Laura Nafissi
Producers: Gabriela Laura Nafissi
Key cast: Gabriela Laura Nafissi

Total votes: 217

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