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Digitaria ex Machina


sinopses: "this is a saturdayall my friends are dead". the film meets Digitaria as they tour south america releasing their second album: emotion-simulation

Information for the Audience: 
Digitaria is an eletronic music duo from Belo Horizonte, Brazil, that started in 2004 and has played more than 40 countries worldwide in all kinds of venues, from huge festivals like Lollapalooza to small clubs in the underground of chaotic south american metropolis, like the ones we can see on this video. They have released 4  albuns so far and taken part in a diverse range of compilations
Gabraz (aka Gabriel Sanna) is a visual artist from Brazil who started working in the early 2000`s. He first got in touch with cinema as a linguistic student collaborating with ethnical groups, specially the Maxacali, with whom he made some experiments on video. In 2004 he shot his first short, O estrangeiro. The following years he co-directed two experimental features about the work of some of the most important contemporary writers in Portuguese - Manoel de Barros and Maria Gabriela Llansol. In the past 11 years he has directed around 15 films, shorts mostly researching less obvious forms of narrative, and worked in dozens of other`s people projects accumulating functions as director of photography and editor. Also acts as a curator at the Mostra do Filme Livre, a pioneer independent film festival that takes place in Rio every year since 2002. Now he is releasing We are Dreamers - short film for a Tindesticks full lenght film project comissioned by clermont ferrand international short film festival
Screenings / Awards: 

brazilian premiere

international belo horizonte short film festival (september 2015)



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