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Darklight is a confronting film about a parent’s love for his child. A father is convinced that his missing son can be found within the walls of a local church, but he has no proof. When he confronts the local pastor, the answers he receives are inadequate. What level of depravity is excusable in the name of love? In the name of love, do the ends justify the means? Darklight explores every parent’s worst nightmare: that their child is taken from them; that their missing child has been abducted by a predator. This is the unraveling of a father experiencing that nightmare as he searches for his little boy. It is a story that every parent will understand and empathize with. There is darkness within us all, sometimes only love will bring it out.

English subtitle: 


Information for the Audience: 

This film was a labor of love. We completed the film with a very low budget. The contentious subject matter of our film scared off a number of would-be contributors. Our overall objective was that this should be an uplifting film about love, not a needlessly gratuitous film about vengeance. We hope that Darklight will evoke strong emotions and feelings from all viewers, most particularly, parents.

Darklight is Daisy Betts Miller's directorial debut.

Darklight was produced and directed (including Producer, Associate Producer, Director, and 1st AD) by women.

Darklight is the first script brought to screen for writer, Paul James  Miller

Our two editors, our colorist, and our composer all worked on our film in exchange for boxing lessons with our writer and lead actor, retired Olympic boxer Paul James Miller

Screenings / Awards: 

California Women's Film Festival - Screening

Winner, Best Short, LA Shorts Awards, September, 2017.

Directed by: 
Daisy Betts Miller
Writing credits: 
Written by Paul James Miller
Pastor: Sean O'Bryan Father: Paul James Miler James: Dusty J. Miler Maria: Lupe Ceja Parishioners: Andy Daley, Tina Daley, India Dupre, Nakia Trower, Arley Karina Silva
Produced by: 
Nakia Shuman-Trower
Music by: 
Original Score by Justin Miner
Cinematography by: 
Adam Taylor
Film Editing by: 
Leander Rappmann Ryan Neatha Johnson
Art Direction by: 
Daisy Betts Miller and Paul James Miller
Makeup Department: 
Lili Kaytmaz
Production Management: 
Nakia Shuman-Trower
Other crew: 
1st Assistant Editor: India Dupre Sound Design and Mix: Nick Jiminez Colorist: Jordan Branch Title Design: Leander Rappmann Sound and Locations Recordist: Phillip Jackson Associate Producer: Suzan Span Sing Language Coach: Ryan Smith
Total votes: 968

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