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Chinese Whispers


A lonely, chubby Chinese tourist, ZHANG, romes around New York with his friend, HAO. While Hao goes about appreciating the beauty of the city, Zhang goes about appreciating the beauty of the ladies of the city. In a chance meeting, Zhang comes across a beautiful girl, who happens to wear the same red band as him.
Zhang musters much courage and tries to befriend her. But, language becomes a barrier as he cannot speak or understand English. Soon a misunderstanding ensues between them and she storms off.
Zhang then recounts these events to his friends only to become the laughing stock. But, seeing Zhang feel so defeated in love, his friends team up with him to help him get the girl.
Much is left to be then discovered. Will Zhang be able to talk to the girl again? Will he ever know her name? And, will he finally be able to convey to her, the deeper meaning the red band holds?

10 minutes 30 seconds
English subtitle: 


Directed by: 
Sneha Agrawal
Writing credits: 
Sneha Agrawal
Zhang Hong Bin Kristin Theresa Scheinhütte Yang Zhang Irene Lo George Wang
Produced by: 
Anil Agrawal & Sulochana Agrawal
Music by: 
Alexander Liebermann & Ganesh Gangadharan
Cinematography by: 
Bryan Gentry
Film Editing by: 
Aasif Pathan
Casting by: 
Sneha Agrawal
Costume Design by: 
Sneha Agrawal
Release Date: 
Friday, July 26, 2019
Total votes: 79

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