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Burn baby burn


A sweltering heat. A desert landscape. A strange world. Hirip, fifteen years old, waits at an abandoned service station in the middle of nowhere. Violet, slightly older than Hirip, arrives on her motorcycle before delivering ecstasy in town. Stuck in this no man’s land, the two teenage girls glare at each other with immediate dislike, but little by little, their mutual distrust subsides. The arrival of Issa, another local teenager, endangers the fragile equilibrium that the girls now share.

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Directors: Emilie de Monsabert
Writers: Emilie de Monsabert, Carine Lacroix
Producers: Jolie promesse - Emilie de Monsabert, Micaela Picco (Executive Production), Universidad del Cine -Buenos Aires
Key cast: Elise Mollet, Florence Fauquet, Pablo Alarson

Total votes: 1888

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