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The Breakout: A Rock Opera

The Breakout: A Rock Opera is a musical drama about outcast teenagers’ struggle to grow up in a world that doesn’t seem to want them.  Albert, a loner who spends most of his time in the high school library, is obsessed with the beautiful and bright but tormented Cara, whom the other kids call “Scara” because of her scarred arms.
When the school authorities decide Scara should be committed to a psychiatric hospital because of her penchant for self-harm and dark poetry, Albert vows to rescue her from her plight. Albert tries to recruit Scara’s misfit friends to his cause, and they mock him until their taunting drives him to anger and he flies into a rage in the school cafeteria, smashing things up. Impressed with his destructive capability, the misfits finally agree to help, and each misfit lends their own special skill — whether it’s computer hacking, picking locks or faking a seizure — to help Albert break into the hospital. Can they hope to triumph over the adult world?  Whatever comes of his quest, Albert makes friends for the first time in high school, and discovers he can be a leader.


English subtitle: 


Information for the Audience: 
Logline:  A high school nerd, with the help of some misfits, goes on a daring mission to rescue the girl he loves from a mental hospital.
Albert:  Andre Darnell Myers
Scara:  Emma Farabee
Jake:  Nathan Harrington II
Rat:  Tara Bianco
Rory:  James Hansen
Mr. Rizzo:  Geno Segers
Ms. Fancher:  Leah McKendrick
Directed by Jenn Page
Written by Chris Edgar
Executive Producer:  Chris Edgar
Producer:  David A. Hoffman
Director of Photography:  Collier Landry
Editor:  Jenn Page
First Assistant Director:  David A. Hoffman
Second Assistant Director:  Andrea Rutherford
Production Designer:  Katie Moest
Art Director:  Kim Brunner
Key Makeup and Hair:  Brenna Haukedahl
Choreographer (for “The Hospital Dance” and “Not Your Princess”):  Sarah J. Eagen
Gaffer:  Matthew Phroper
Key Grip:  Derek DiPippo
Colorist:  Will Raee
Sound Editor:  Craig Polding
Production Sound Supervisor and Playback:  Robert Warnack Jr.
Music Composed by Chris Edgar
Screenings / Awards: 

Dances With Films (Los Angeles, California)
California Women's Film Festival (Los Angeles, California)
Awareness Festival (Los Angeles, California)
Binghamton Babylon Film Festival (Binghamton, New York)
SF New Concept FIlm Festival (San Francisco, California)

Directed by: 
Jenn Page
Writing credits: 
Chris Edgar
Andre Darnell Myers Emma Farabee Nathan Harrington Tara Bianco James Hansen Geno Segers Leah McKendrick
Produced by: 
David A. Hoffman
Music by: 
Chris Edgar
Cinematography by: 
Collier Landry
Release Date: 
Friday, June 3, 2016
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