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Filmed on a budget of 7,000 dollars over 7 days, Borderland is truly an independent film. Filmed on location around El Paso, Texas, Borderland tells the story of Sara (Charlavail Efron,) who finds herself in a world she never imagined. After murdering her abusive husband, she finds out about his double life of working for the Juarez Cartel. Now in debt for his murder, Sara will have to team up with an outsider (Joe Sinclitico 'Adam Devine's House Party') to find some missing money before the night is over.  




Information for the Audience: 

Independent film is never what you think. The only thing bigger than the burdens is the risk but with a truly independent film you also get the freedom of having exactly what you want. 

But with Borderland, I wanted to tell a truly independent film with a unique vision. I wanted to tell a story taking place on the border with a lot of actual Mexican-American locals. Growing up in El Paso, it was hard to see people like me on the screen so I wanted to give others a chance to see Mexicans on the screen. So I got together with 7,000 dollars and over 7 days we shot a film that wouldn't be compromised by a studio and would allow us to put in authentic people that would sell the film. Borderland is truly an independent film and I couldn't be more proud of it. It's a film that is exactly what I want and hopefully it's something that other will enjoy as well.

Directed by: 
Andrew Jara
Writing credits: 
Andrew Jara
Charlavail Efron Joe Sinclitico Ellen Michelle Monohan Marlon Lewis David Jara
Produced by: 
Andrew Jara Josh W. Epp
Music by: 
William Murdock
Cinematography by: 
Andrew Jara
Film Editing by: 
Andrew Jara
Other crew: 
David Wheeler Mark Ocegueda
Release Date: 
Thursday, June 30, 2016
Total votes: 205

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