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Black Halt


After successful hitch from an offshore rig, as unpredictable as fate’s gamble could be it jeopardized a normal happy day of an offshore oil worker.A soul paid its mortality cost at the blast of a chopper ( Soul(John)).

Before the necessary end met him, he placed and put forth to his wife few camouflaged truth and testimonies and satisfied his desire to complete few things which fate did n’t allow him to do by the border less love he had for her, when Christie was in the verge of attaining success and john’s soul was to attend eternal peace the job that the oil company handed over to his wife(Christie) was taken back( Slashed) due to oil recession within few years.

At that heart breaking moment, how did john’s best friend agasty called agasthiyar helped john’s soul. His wife Christie completed all the request and task her husband put before her and stood as a great source of inspiration for next generation to come after she was engulfed by the clutches of time, as a soul through the five elements of nature and bonded again with her husband’s soul ( John) in the universe.



Information for the Audience: 

Directors: Jagadeesh.Sa
Writers: Jagadeesh.Sa
Producers: Sudha Parthasarathy, Parthasarathy. K, Suresh Rajendran
Key cast: Madhavi.PK, Sreenidhi Chandrasekar

Total votes: 79

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