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Billion Star Hotel


A little homeless boy, learns how things are going in real life, from his mentor, Papa Rudi.
Billion Star Hotel – For each viewer, a different story.

Billion Star Hotel directed by Alecs Năstoiu, presents in the leading roles Rudy Moca, Nicu Mihoc, Dan Radulescu and Teo Marton.

The film is about the reconstruction of inner dramas of three apparently odd characters – Sica the General, Panait Surdu and Arthur Popescu, who meet at a turning point, on the train of life.
Their psychological profile begins to take shape with the important stories of their lives, which they share on the journey. Each story unfolds as a „why” but also a survival guide.

Arthur Popescu – a skilled womanizer turns his drama into a way of life. He loves women, uses them and leaves them. Each one offers herself to him, but without any substance.

Panait Surdu – an undeterred sentimental figure. He was sexually abused by his father and without knowing why he loses his only true love, which he will continue to look for, and eventually finds amongst the memories of a young orphan girl.

Sica the General - „the maternal father” surrounds himself with abandoned children, whom he offers the warmth of a home, and educated them responsibly, after the natural laws of family discipline. He is at the same time the father he would have desired for himself, and the mother who abandoned him, playing both their parts.

While the train journey continues, there are flashbacks from the characters’ lives that keep occurring. A train that stops at a certain moment and in a certain space, but continues to go on. No matter how healing returning could be, the train keeps advancing.

This is a story made of many stories, patiently told by Papa Rudi to an unresponsive kid that „swallows” it and painstakingly orders the pieces of this billion star puzzle.


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Directors: Alecs Nastoiu
Writers: alecs nastoiu
Producers: ovidiu vasu
Key cast: rudy moca, nicu mihoc, theo marton, dan radulescu

Total votes: 1831

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