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Among the Dead


“There is no need to fear the dead; it’s the living you should be scared of“At first glance Among the Dead is about the transience of life. How is one to cope with the awareness of one‘s own transience? “Memento mori – Remember that you’ll die“– and confront yourself with the topic as often in life as possible. This approach on death takes on an important role in Erich Hofer’s life. However, due to his insistence on his world paradigms the relationships to the living suffer.Slowly, he loses the connection to his 16-year-old daughter, Julia. After a fight he sees a symbolic gift as a last resort to get his ideology across to her. Among the Dead treats the topic of transience as a framework in which further considerations like the insistence and imposition of ideologies of any kind are integrated.




Information for the Audience: 

Directors: Eric Marcus Weglehner
Writers: Eric Marcus Weglehner, Dominik Mayer
Key cast:

Total votes: 144

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