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The Perils of Poor Bowling Ball Storage

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Dancing Sondheim - 7 Short Dance Movies by Richard Daniels

Dancing Sondheim are 7 short dance movies by Richard Daniels featuring performances by dance stars:  Children and Art (Carmen de Lavallade); Children wi

Dancing Sondheim - 7 Short Dances Movies by Richard Daniels
Total votes: 2075

The Dialogue follows four American and four Chinese college students as they travel together through Southwest China and Hong Kong.

Total votes: 2657
Monkeys (Monkeys)

Years of a passionate drug-fueled relationship resulted in the loss of custody of Lila and Gimmie?s daughter Kiri.

Total votes: 1365
It's Better To Jump (It's Better To Jump)

It’s Better to Jump” is a feature-length documentary film that gives voice to Arab inhabitants of the ancient walled city of Akka (located on Isr

Total votes: 3163
Dancing Sondheim - Jowitt, Brenner, Toogood (Dancing Sondheim)

These are 3 of 7 movies from Dancing Sondheim, the App produced by Richard Daniels - the filmmaker and choreographer of Dances for an iPhone renown.

Total votes: 2364

While on a temporary assignment in Barcelona, a restless travel guide writer meets a tall dark stranger, who proposes her a relationship with an expiration d

Total votes: 1023
Sarah (Sarah)

A portrait of a woman named Sarah, shown through vignettes of various stages of her life and state of mind.

Total votes: 755
Vera's Song (Vera's Song)
Total votes: 1732

Oneday, the boy finds sqaure face on his art work.

Total votes: 1726
Web 2.0

A meditation, in three parts, on digital technology using symbolist imagery. Explores deeper psychic and mythic aspects of cyberspace and social media.

Total votes: 3378

Total votes: 1321
The Naked Truth About Fairies

Satu is serving probation – as a fairy godmother – for getting wishes very, very wrong.

The Naked Truth About Fairies short film
Total votes: 1498
World-wind Tours S01E01 China

Join your hosts Peter & Monkey as they travel the world's oldest continuously inhabited country.


World-wind Tours Season 1 trailer
Total votes: 3855
No Games No Fowl

Total votes: 2057

Total votes: 2978

A ballerina calls us to remember that we are all born with the ability to create.

Total votes: 2559
The Fly Trap

A mischivous fly named Pester sneaks inside a empty house for cookie jar. But he quickly finds out that the jar is not what it seems.

Total votes: 1474
Fading Nocturne

Alex, a renowned choreographer, struggles to complete a new work while grieving for his former lead dancer, and lover, Nicole.

Total votes: 507

The directorial debut from multimedia artist Alyssa Taylor Wendt, HAINT is an experimental narrative film that tells the story of a young man in Berlin tryin

Total votes: 2039
The Summer Before
Total votes: 1996
A Rasta Story

"A man on a journey that seeks self discovery, and the challenges that laid in his path."

Total votes: 361

Bea and Lou like to pretend. Bea thinks Lou plays pretend a little too much... or does she?

Total votes: 869
Take Back the Knife (work in progress cut)

After surviving separate gruesome incidents, three girls help each other adapt and cope with the scars that were left behind by the slashers, psychopaths, an

Total votes: 1105
New Deserted Area

The documentary records the population changes in a village called “DaMaoHu”, 50km further into the Tengger Desert from its nearest entrance.

Total votes: 571
Welcome to the Circus

WELCOME TO THE CIRCUS IS A STORY ABOUT PALESTINE RARELY TOLD; One of optimism, hope, and the pursuit of a dream in the occupied territories.

Total votes: 393

Nym is a young man who works for a criminal organization.

Total votes: 667

A broken man, haunted by a car crash that claimed the life of his daughter, returns to the same small town where the fateful accident occurred only to discov

Total votes: 2467
Delhi's Mother Tongue - The Story of Urdu

A compilation of interviews that track the birth and development of the Urdu language in India and reasons for its present day decline in India .

Total votes: 3531
Sweet & Vicious/ LAS MALAS LENGUAS

MANUELA is an only child of wealthy, devoted and well-meaning parents who are part of Colombia’s high-society.

Total votes: 1878
Smoke Filled Lungs

A retired war veteran struggling with a prescription drug addiction and his troubled teenage nephew rediscover life together on a journey to see their grandf

Total votes: 1146

A group of campers gather around the fire to tell scary stories one Halloween, but the scariest story of all might be the one they're in!

Total votes: 590
Nothing Without GOD

This story is a coming of age true life inspirational tale of a young man who is trying to achieve the American Dream against some of the heaviest odds.

Total votes: 1891

What happens when Gods come down to seek publicity? They come down and choose an Ad company to promote them.

Total votes: 1789

David goes to find his fiance, Willa. She has left him stranded with a group of train passengers after a derailment.

Total votes: 829
Waiting for Gidget

Brian finds himself at a crux while waiting for Gidget.  Love is never easy.

Total votes: 1088

When an older brother must convince his little sister to put her own wishes aside for their mother's well-being, the decision will be one of an ultimate

An unbreakable bond between a brother and his little sister will endure an unimaginable obstacle that they will be forced to overcome.
Total votes: 1537
Kumite U.S.A.

A South Korean martial artist named Rein So Pak (Billy Mercier) comes to America to enter a full contact tournament to exact revenge against the man who stol

Total votes: 969

Our hero. Timmy tries to get his engagement ring back from his cheating, manipulative ex-fiance.

Total votes: 374
Bloody Wings

A mysterious man is sent to protect a woman against her sister's attempts to have her killed. In the process, the man and woman fall in love.

Total votes: 802

A tragicomic odyssey, beginning in Los Angeles and ending in the far country of Santa Rosa.

Total votes: 402


Total votes: 2681
Positively Beautiful

Five strangers facing death from AIDS form an unlikely friendship that transforms them into extraordinary activists.

Total votes: 515
Burst Theory

At a facility near the shoreline of a remote island, a collection of researchers work diligently on testing an advanced treatment for a deadly virus that thr

Total votes: 1241
New Generation Queens: a Zanzibar soccer story

This feature documentary is the story of Zanzibar's women's soccer team, the New Generation Queens.

Total votes: 2904
Therapy for murder

A rookie professional killer has to overcome not only the usual problems that a beginner normally faces, but also a personal challenge: it's a she.

Total votes: 1055
It's Better To Jump

It’s Better to Jump” is a feature-length documentary film that gives voice to Arab inhabitants of the ancient walled city of Akka (located on Isr

Total votes: 2598


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