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Modern day conscription and a world at warAfter conscription into the military is reinstated due to the decline in peaceful affairs worldwide, three women fa

Total votes: 25
Cleaning Process

A young professional woman's life changes when she meets the cleaner of her company.

Total votes: 42

Wanda lives a carefree life consumed by a passion. But one callous act cooks up a power deep within her.

Total votes: 47
Flask Walk

The main focus of attention and activity in this narrow alleyway off the main street of North London's Hampstead, is a unique double fronted shop selling a m

Total votes: 48
Born A Believer

Born a Believer is a short documentary about the charity Carney’s Community from South London who rehabilitate ex-offenders and disaffected youths through bo

Total votes: 79

A group of people head to work, it's just their average 9 - 5 working day.

Total votes: 35
The Lower Depths

In a British seaside town, Pepel try's to persuade Natasha to run away and start a new life with him.

Total votes: 41
The Kids Aren't Alright

Four young girls from Ayrshire in Scotland deal with their difficult pasts.

Total votes: 15

The reasons people stay together sometimes reveal the reasons to part.

Total votes: 22

“Sin came into the world through one man”

Total votes: 6
Midnight Sonder

A student with blood complications believes that his medication is the cause of his recent hallucinations.

Total votes: 31

When a sociopath female loan shark calls upon a lonely, vulnerable pensioner she gets more than just her money.

Total votes: 64

In a television studio during the production of a science fiction film, a supporting actor finds himself caught up in a deadly love triangle with the lead ac

Total votes: 50
The Inquiry

An Inquiry into the death of Becky Hall leaves veteran Detective Roberts curious. For what appears as a prima facie murder case, is not all as it seems.

Total votes: 26

Ten year-old Josh, a seemingly troublemaking boy, sets out to search for his absent father whom he fantasises about being a superhero.

Total votes: 23
The Middleman

In this noir comedy, a manipulative insurance woman and her weak-willed lover plot to kill her sales agent husband; but once the two men meet at dinner, the

Total votes: 56
and you are gone......

A bold and exquisite abstract short film called 'and you are gone…'about a daughter who relives past memories spent with her Mother, in a special place, whi

Total votes: 19
Saddenly Now

When their leader crawls into a box to escape their realm, 5 wildy different men and women go through a post-bohemian quantum moment of clarity, attempting t

Total votes: 82

'What if you open your eyes and find yourselfsomewhere you've never been?'A beautiful girl wakes up paralyzed at the bottom ofa cliff with no memory of how s

Total votes: 59
Across lips

A story of one's struggle to sustain an inherently human need for telling and preserving stories in the world today, overshadowed by the unlimited archival p

Total votes: 17
Heavy Weight

Heavy Weight is a British production that looks to explore ideas around masculinity, attraction, vulnerability and what it is to be genuinely, emotionally ex

Total votes: 31
The Nanking Massacre (1937 - 1938)

A Visual Essay/documentary based on the true events of The Nanking Massacre (1937-1938), featuring comic book imagery, sound effects, transitions and archive

Total votes: 36
The Goldfish

Saeed, a Kurdish emigrant lives in london, feels guilty for the drowning of his wife and small daughter, every time he sees or hears water, he wish he was de

Total votes: 139

Champion stockcar driver Charlie is a racer not a wrecker. But would he take a beating and risk it all for those he loves?

Total votes: 24
Honey Bunny

Our new short film: produced by Lucy Hayes at Partizan, written and directed by myself and Richard Harris.When a female custodian at a movie theater finds an

Total votes: 18
Rip It Up

Rip It Up is a series of short experiments using isolated body parts, sound and colour.

Total votes: 26
Jimmy and Sophie

The last human proposes marriage to his lonely guardian robot, but she sets up the ultimate challenge - an epic game of chess.

Total votes: 25
Connected ...

Have you ever felt all is not what it seems.

Total votes: 23
The Chamber

A claustrophobic survival thriller set beneath the Yellow Sea off the coast of North Korea where the pilot of a small submersible craft and a three man Speci

Total votes: 15

What if there was no tomorrow? There wasn't one today..

Total votes: 27
Hall of Mirrors

'Hall Of Mirrors' is a short drama/comedy aimed to raise awareness and support for the Body Dysmorphic Disorder and its sufferers.

Total votes: 31
Lady in the Park

Alex Wilson struggles to make ends meet with first wife Gail set in industrial 1960's Birmingham.

Total votes: 23
Laughter Far Away

Laughter Far Away is an immersive, hypnotic journey into the surreal drunken nether world of a young, emotionally scarred man desperately seeking oblivion, a

Total votes: 26
When A Man Loves A Woman

Amanda awakes from a one-night stand with a woman she can't get away from quickly enough.

Total votes: 24
The Prowler

The very talented writer, Matthew Arlidge, wrote the script for The Prowler.

Total votes: 46
Before Tomorrow

Five friends reconnect for one night before one of the group marries the following day.

Total votes: 31
Quest for Mihte Lugh

A cowardly fantasist dreams he is a superhero, until he and his siblings find themselves in Valhalla.

Total votes: 330
Henrietta's Odyssey

To find her parents, Henrietta pursues her astral roots accompanied by a scatty invertebrate who impersonates a boy, and a schizoid trickster who serves the

Total votes: 54
St Just

Maggie and Ronnie, a penniless and feckless Cornish couple, become a modern day Bonnie and Clyde in order to pay for their IVF treatment to have the baby the

Total votes: 58
The Last One

What if, suddenly, everyone disappeared? How would you cope? Sometimes a lie is more comfortable than the truth.

Total votes: 32

In the camp of Ketermaya, children playand dream, just like any other children.Beneath the surface, things are not soeasy for these Syrian kids, who have fle

Total votes: 36
Persona Non Grata

What right do you have to parent your own child?

Total votes: 31
To the Ends of the Fingertips

Slipping through the fingers of time, we follow a search for freedom and fulfilment in this visually rich and surreal tale.

Total votes: 36
Pregnant Pause

Pee. Wait. Panic. Steph is in a happy, long-term relationship, but now she might be pregnant she has no idea what she wants.

Total votes: 12
Time Chicken

In a bid to resolve the divisions in his society, a chicken sets out to give his people answers.

Total votes: 31
Pear Cider and Cigarettes

The brutally honest story of Robert's turbulent relationship with a self-destructive, yet charismatic friend from childhood, who cries out for help from a mi

Total votes: 29

Collaborator tells the story of a young soldier; who is trying to find his way home.

Total votes: 26
The Attendant

In an isolated petrol station, a hapless and hopeless worker whiles away the night shift dreaming of a Hollywood style romance.

Total votes: 26


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