In a village, a lonely retired nurs

Total votes: 1163
The Bravery

This story narrates about a the life cycle of a poor rubber tapper with a daily basis income in the range of RM 30 – RM 40 per day.

Total votes: 975

The chaos and the unique characters of a traditional Malay wedding ceremony in a village makes this film a colorful and interesting viewing.

Total votes: 166

The film "Doubt" follows two roommates after a murder. But what happens when one suffers from psychosis?

Total votes: 25048
Haruan: The Snakehead

Do bad deeds always beget badness?

A dark tale of a magical fish and its flawed human friends.

Total votes: 1547

Discovering the second life of him through an inner conversation

Total votes: 129
Kampung Drift

Combining action, comedy and sci-fi, Kampung Drift is across-genre coming-of-age tale of Johan, a teenager in search of the meaning of life and love through

Total votes: 146

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