Human mind is obscure. It has different virtues and vices within.

Total votes: 19
The Plateau

An inner journey of an outsider.

Total votes: 71
TARA...the journey of love & passion

It's a saga of an illiterate illegal brewer- an Indian gypsyWoman- who is outlawed from her house and hamlet by her husbandAllegedly for adultery when she is

Total votes: 6

WORLDWIDE, kidnapping have been a business of 150 Billion Dollars per year. This is the kidnapping saga of a girl who is worth of millions.

Total votes: 5
Saanjh (An Evening)

A 16 year old girl living in a metro city is forcefully taken to a remote village in Himalayas where she finds her lonely grandmother as a companion to share

Total votes: 45

“DASEIN” is a non linear, post modern, meta-narrative film.

Total votes: 73

An actor encounters in his life exactly what he was acting on the drama as a character or was it he empathise his character and life

Total votes: 83
Fire Play

A experimental short film on handpan music and fire spin performance, by Kalariyogi and On the Surface, Bangalore India.

Total votes: 7

An uneducated person how transform his village towards progress facing various beliefs.

Total votes: 4

A man living in the world of his own, cut off from his surroundings indulges in a bloody video game.

Total votes: 36

Bablusha is Kannada Feature Film Directed by Venkat Bharadwaj. A Family Entertainer and Thriller.

Total votes: 22
Khoj (The Lost)

A crime thriller based in the hills of India.

Total votes: 39

This is a film on two characters. .who are strangers. ...One's need take him to the second one.

Total votes: 13

A young man watches this procession and since he refuses to believe in the superstition. He is looked upon as a lunatic and a possessed one by others.

Total votes: 66

Every year, Goa, one of the biggest party and holiday hosts to the world, welcomes infinite number of tourists.

Total votes: 10

Though we have reached the era of a modern science and technology certain old beliefs, customs and superstitions have not yet changed.

Total votes: 63

In the Indian culture, Menstruation is considered as a taboo.

Total votes: 60
YKT Mumbai

Yakshagana is an ancient theatre form that combines dance, music, dialogues, costumes, make –up and stage techniques with a unique narrative style.

Total votes: 3

LoglineLove, rape, revenge: the memories of a Nazi soldier's romance unfold fifteen years after the end of WWII.

Total votes: 28
Shaadi (The Wedding)

Shaadi is a short flick taking an incident of a girl's life where her life partner supports to pursue her passion which she never dreamt would happen after h

Total votes: 82
In Search of Shankar

Journey of millions, an old man's quest, an unforeseen fate..

Total votes: 5

In the Malwa-Nimar region of Western Madhya Pradesh (An Indian State), ‘Kalichaat’ is the name for a kind of exceptionally hard rock.

Total votes: 35

13 people from india talk openly about sex,love and marriage for the first time in indian film history- and discuss the most controversial issues of homosexu

Total votes: 77
The Winner

It is a story of a boy and his love for kite flying, and how due to a circumstance faced by him, he is bound to find his real inner strength and carve his wa

Total votes: 58

A young woman in her early twenties faces strange psychological situations out of loneliness and sleep deprivation.Things become strange for her over a weeke

Total votes: 9
Who dies

Injured Army man and injured militant take a same shelter in a house. How they will react to the situation.

Total votes: 12
Pure Connection

The story is about the bonding of two boys and how their interaction leads to something beneficial for their society.

Total votes: 35
Madam Khurana's Basket

After the death of her husband, and the departure of her only son, the basket in her balcony becomes the only way of communication with the outside world.

Total votes: 6

DeviThe movie Devi is a reflection on the superstitions surrounding our world.

Total votes: 102

Kerala famously known as Gods own country is, endowed with natural beauty with its lush green landscapes and rivers crisscrossing the length and breadth of t

Total votes: 62
Wish We Were Kids...

We human being try our best to be an adult. Where as the child inside us never dies.

Total votes: 5
2D - Dimensions Of Thinking

Two Chess Players preparing themselves for a final match, in order conquer the cash prize of Rs 2 Cr.

Total votes: 12
Vithaiyadi Naanunakku

A runaway girl gets stuck in the middle of nowhere and is picked up by a middle aged stranger.

Total votes: 64

What would you do if you witness something extraordinary but cannot talk about it to anyone?Can you keep your sanity intact?

Total votes: 84


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