Kalank (Stigma) - Inspired By True Events

shortfilm to show how regressive attitude is fatal to the society, now in the 21st century the walls of castism are sti

Total votes: 1611
Dreadlocks Story opens up the history of Rastas in a new light.
For the first time - REVEALED: The hidden spiritual links between Jamaican Rastas and Indian Sadhus
Total votes: 6233
The Silence

Late at night on a local train in Mumbai, young Chini witnesses a woman being sexually abused.

Total votes: 976
The Head Hunter

The Film “The Head Hunter” brings forth a pertinent question about the creation of a homogenous culture of existence and morality.

Total votes: 2233
The Interview (a horror suspense short film)
Total votes: 1329
AJANTA: Small Universe

A meditative exploration of the 2,200 year old, Ajanta Buddhist Caves in Maharastra India.

Total votes: 5459
Total votes: 1291 incomplete saga

Total votes: 919
The Rain Tree
Total votes: 521

Its a film about a man who repairs bicycles during the night working on a footpath.

Total votes: 1320

In this race of life, we tend to forget where we started from.

Total votes: 972
Itanagar 0 Km

Based on a true story "ITANAGAR 0 KM" is a heart-pounding, tragic and satirical movie; which is set to give you a never before experience.

Total votes: 983

The film ' kalippaattakkaaran'(Toy maker) tries to define solitude along with showcasing a young man's struggle for existence and survival.

Total votes: 1546
2 penkuttikal

The movie ‘2 Penkuttikal’(2 girls) discuss about the problems faced by women in our society.

Total votes: 848
The Lost Salesman of Delhi

The Story : Raja, the saree salesman in Chandni chowk, one of the biggest markets in Asia, was leading a peaceful and simple life until the idea of having a

Total votes: 706

Vaidhyanadhan, an honest and not-so-easygoing employee and father, is forced to take early retirement which falls upon him like a blot from the blue.

Total votes: 855
The Silence

Late at night on a local train in Mumbai, young Chini witnesses an incident that forces her to face up to demons from her past.

Total votes: 1164
India's Son - Joke Singh Discovers a United States of America

This film is about an Indian guy, Joke Singh, traveling through the United States recording real-life interactions with Americans.

Total votes: 782

A renowned writer of romantic novels is asked to write a murder mystery by his publisher.

Total votes: 526
The Kite

Inspired by the award winning novel The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini, Ghuri – The Kite is a film on the virtues and vices of adolescence and the wav of fea

Total votes: 652
Well Done Bhalya

a boy from small tribal area, with dream of being cricketer, with lot of dreams about to become cricketer, his struggle how he manage to play in under 16 cr

Total votes: 964


Total votes: 883
Pied Piper

Seen through the prism of Bertolt Brecht, the film Pied Piper is a satirical folklore of a simple laundryman, Chunnilal, who is rumored to have acquired his

Total votes: 641
Total votes: 3140
Ramad ( Ashes )


Total votes: 892
A Friend, Where To Find A Friend Like You...

It’s a simpleton storyline with a message of humanity.

Total votes: 1239
marriage1998 trues tory

Movie Marriage 1998 Release Date 15 Apr 2015 and A man finds himself in a marriage trap where he...

Total votes: 750
This Road I Know

Captured as a personal narrative, ‘This Road I Know’ traverses the main highway that runs through the Indian states of Nagaland and Manipur, highlighting the

Total votes: 634

A movie about 11 year old boy who is suffering from mood disorder and about his family.His father roy who is a village officer took firm decision against la

Total votes: 1002
Ghar Aajaa Jeetu (Come Back Jeetu)

This is a motivational movie against against drug addiction .

Total votes: 1143
3 1/2 ( A life of an innocent child )

This film is being narrated about the forced labor, child labor and corruption in labor department.

Total votes: 1058
End of the Rope

Channa the protagonist of the film is a capital punishment convict.He is educated and sensible.

Total votes: 744
Rebellious Flower

"Rebellious Flower'' is an universally provoking film-rekindling the fire for eternal thirst hidden in us, to know and enquire "who am I...?"

Total votes: 933
Ankahee Baatein
Love is t
Total votes: 711

This film was born due to death. With his film just about done, director Shantanu Roy faces a turbulent time, leaving him to fight two battles.

Total votes: 54


Total votes: 22

Two Children born in same day, one in rich family named Gagan and other one in a poor family named Swami.

Total votes: 24
Maid for Us

‘Maid for us’ is a short film on Parvati a domestic worker commonly known as ‘maid’ in India.

Total votes: 10
YaYa (The Mother)

It is an ethnographic film on Gonds of Bastar, one of the largest indigenous groups of South Asia, whose ancestry maybe traced to early African humans throug

Total votes: 33

Roll No. 56 is a film based on a 12 year old kid. That kid changes school every year due to his physical problem.

Total votes: 70

Ancient scriptures mention of a different physical world or dimension which we all go to when we sleep or when we dream or when we die.

Total votes: 76

This Short Film is About Anti-Drugs.

Total votes: 29

They met, only to part- they parted, but did they meet again?

Total votes: 0

The film“Monsoon” derives its title from the word “Mausam” which means seasons.

Total votes: 62
The Man Who Planted A Forest

In 1979 a young boy saw dead animals and snakes around a barren river bank.

Total votes: 52
MC Kash

Political strife turned Kashmiri Rapper MC Kash takes to the hip hop life.

Total votes: 60

Nine-year-old flower seller and tightrope walker Chhoti befriends Noor, a 70 yearold widow living a colorless life of abstinence.

Total votes: 24


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