Where do we feel at home?
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ces petits riens

There is always something absent that torments her. Maxine (28)

a writer who lives in Paris, suffers from solitude, she only

Total votes: 2123

France, 2002. Anissa is sixteen. Her parents are taking her to Morocco for her wedding. She doesn't want to go. On the road, she runs away.

Anissa 2002
Total votes: 1899
Total votes: 395
Curse of the flesh

Invisible men aboard a pirate ship land on an exotic island, where they hope to find a stone that will free them from their invisibility.

Curse of the Flesh poster
Total votes: 3227

Tout le monde dans l’entourage de Joseph s’accordent sur un point : c’est un raté.

Total votes: 27

Jean, a man in his fifties, finds himself face to the ghost of a woman he does not know.

Total votes: 117

Paul and Vanessa have just had sex. It's unlikely they'll meet again. She's funny, pretty and witty. He's still just a boy at heart.

Total votes: 20

Raphaël is 50-something and in a rut.

Total votes: 25
Bleeding Horse

A romantic comedy involving three americans, one french woman and an overbearing mother. All taking place in Paris.

Total votes: 16
#FIVE DAYS# 'The Life's Hopscotch'

DJI goes out of jail after 3 years, he was there instead of BIGSS,his worst enemy.He broke all ties with all his circle of acquaintances.

Total votes: 50
Escaping Stars

The story of a girl lost in an phantasmagoric world

Total votes: 171
Muscle Memory

A short film about family, memory and cutlery.

Total votes: 33
Inner Telescope, a Space Artwork by Eduardo Kac

Created by the artist Eduardo Kac to exist in weightlessness and to be made on board the International Space Station by French astronaut Thomas Pesquet, the

Total votes: 21
Ces Petits Riens ( Little Nothings)

A writer who lives in Paris decides to write about a male character in her head, where she begins to discover herself, what she is looking for through him.

Total votes: 13
Je suis la Fin

Pierre decides to go have a last drink but Héla, an attractive young woman, has another purpose for him.

Total votes: 22

A theater director leads his two actors and his assistant to an isolated cottage in the open countryside in order to better rehearse for their theatrical per

Total votes: 21
Kontemporary Sound System

A pregnant teenager wanders around a giant party at the heart of a dense forest, looking for her place in this metaphorical world.

Total votes: 23

After an ambiguous snapchat video featuring Bilal and Adil, rumors start spreading about the two friends.

Total votes: 25

Sarah is a young nurse who loves jazz.

Total votes: 26
The Tree House

Through a whole summer, four teenagers gather illegally on a military zone to build themselves a hut. But school will soon begin again...

Total votes: 15
Max ' s daughters

Between Doria and her sister Alice, it has always been complicated!

Total votes: 15
True Heart

A WW2 story of Jason Carter an American soldier who attempts to rescue his soul and fight his orders as he finds a young abandoned 8 year old German girl at

Total votes: 44
Close your eyes

Change your life with auto-hypnosis

Total votes: 31
Carried by the wind

K Le Dortz (born 1994) is a French short movie director and colorist.

Total votes: 120
The drawing

Between physical and psychological violence, irina will fight to survive

Total votes: 19

A man obsessed with pagan gods and saving the planet prepares for the ultimate sacrifice.

Total votes: 13
The invention of the Year 2016

A film about time, and especially about next year.

Total votes: 26
Go back

Kos Island. July 2015. Fleeing their birth land, they have just set foot in Europe. They want to go on. To go north. But the road is blocked.

Total votes: 9

A documentary teen-movie, poetic, funny and formidable, Swagger carries us in the midst of the astonishing minds of eleven teenagers growing up in one of the

Total votes: 16
Stories of the plains

In the Argentine pampas, the lands around Colonia Hansen are among the most fertiles in the world.

Total votes: 79

Abraxas is a short sci-fi film what speak about the confusion between virtual reality and reality.

Total votes: 20
The Cradle of Cultivation

All you need to make a film is a girl and a gun.

Total votes: 7
Once Upon a Time...Mommy

In 2014, the movie « Mommy » directed by Xavier Dolan, got the Special Jury Prize at the Cannes Film Festival.

Total votes: 11
Death on the basketball court

Its the story of the lost of inocense.

Total votes: 15

Marge Ofenbey shuts herself away from all in a house to flee her sinister and manipulative husband. She asks her nephew Christian for help.

Total votes: 59

Inspired by a true story.

Total votes: 21

A webseries about the most terrifying stage for actors: the casting call.

Total votes: 24
carton Moon

This film was born from the passion of one Japanese lady who wanted to create something in Alsace (France), the region she so dearly loved, that would remain

Total votes: 13

A group of young people in love with theatre tries to stage a play on love, youth.

Total votes: 25
Sans le Kosovo (Without Kosovo)

My father and I take the road to retrace his exile as a 19-year-old refugee from Kosovo in 1968.

Total votes: 22
Winter War

January 1945.

Total votes: 21
Deep into Sleep

A literary and philosophical descent into various sleep states

Total votes: 20
Tierra Yerma (Wastelands)

Private military contractors: the hidden face of war.Two brothers return to Chile after years in Iraq.Guilt can kill… Death can liberate.

Total votes: 23

PARIS 2015Paul loves Shéhérazade, his wife.

Total votes: 53
Fish & Chicks

'Name two figures of the French revolution?' Erwan responds with a joke scribbled on his school desk, a stranger answers back with their own scribble, and so

Total votes: 22

Nature has its Guardian and his name is Cernunnos.

Total votes: 19


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