The Chunk and the Whore

A gas station cashier informs the prostitute working on the parking lot that she can no longer use the shop’s toilets.

Total votes: 1949

Paris, 1899. The sultry Countess of Castiglione entrusts a last portrait of her to her talented photographer.

Total votes: 1526
Start by Filming your Girlfriend

Alain Cavalier once advised a young filmmaker to begin by filming his girlfriend.

Total votes: 963

The wanderings of Fred a single man in Paris at the time of the presidential elections 2012.

Total votes: 1084
Zero Zero Belge

Harry Applefish, an isolated belgian spy, paranoid, willing to fight foreign forces to serve his country, is disturbed in his daily activities by two men see

Total votes: 599
Pure Heroine

Alix is at odd with her father since her mother's death 2 years ago. She still hopes to get money from her father for her new flat deposit.

Total votes: 488
Two Rémis, Two

Total votes: 1071
Where the hills are greener

Caplongue is a small village of 80 inhabitants in the South of France where the Loco-Motivés association was created in 2012.

Total votes: 1831
Safely in the Rainbow (Original Version 54 min)


Total votes: 38
Safely in the Rainbow

Filmed over 16 years, Safely in the Rainbow, shows Pâris and his family’s life from the time he is diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at age 2 until young adulth

Pâris age 2 and then 17, living a full-color life with type 1 diabetes
Total votes: 110

Givry: true moments of life, in a Givryan apartment, melting several kind of stories, mixing real life and poetry.

Total votes: 13
Chances Equality

Some of the students from Robert Schuman Vocational School in Charenton-Le-Pont are in difficulties and school dropout.

Total votes: 28

Max had everything then he lost his most precious possession and life was no longer worth living.

Total votes: 15
The Lobby

One set, one camera angle, hope, disillusion, robbery and death.

Total votes: 57
Beyond existence

Mathilde and Lea, with the mission of revealing the part of sacredness within us, decided to lead an investigation around the mystical experiences that peopl

Total votes: 87
But You Look So Good

Alice is 23 but feels like 97. She looks in perfect health from the outside but her whole body is hurting from the inside.

Total votes: 4

Solange becomes the muse of a famous painter.
Passionately in love, she lets herself be molded according to his wishes.

Total votes: 11
By Blood

Once a ruthless war lord who won his land by his sword, Mort-Lieu is now a sick old man.

Total votes: 18
A real choice

Credit note of the hatred or to be any love? Few things are sometimes enough...

Total votes: 52
The Butterfly

Following the death of her Father whom she has not seen since she was a teenager, Vanessa, coming from a humble social background, goes to Marseilles.

Total votes: 29
Song Sotto Voce

A young woman wanders the deserted expanses with a rolling suitcase. A father appears on her skin like a tattoo.

Total votes: 167
The Horse In Motion

June 15, 1878. Eadweard Muybridge arranges twenty-four cameras along a track where a horse and his rider will run.

Total votes: 28
Easter Island

The island hidden from the world and its post-industrial reality.

Total votes: 61
The Doll

Alexandre, 27, is a dope chemist. He is wounded by gunshot in a settling of scores among dealers.

Total votes: 55

Along her team, the "36', Lea, commander of operation, faces the true face of the news, filled with blood crimes, and is one the top on the French police for

Total votes: 33

Eddy and Rocco are brothers. Their hour of glory on the indie rock scene was in the late 90s.

Total votes: 23

MAY I BE HAPPY reveals the significance of mindfulness practice in transforming the lives of young people.

Total votes: 46
After them

Said, lost his wife and son, both victims of a terrible car accident that took place after a pleasant afternoon in the countryside.

Total votes: 16

Four ladyboys working in the rubber tree forests at night, in the rice fields during the day, looking for a way to survive, exist and have the others accept

Total votes: 158
Money Time

Introductory tagline:

A journey to the farthest reaches of the steppe and outer space


Total votes: 47

Martin never wakes up where he falls asleep.
Eva meets a man she knew on the internet, a dangerous date.

Total votes: 194
Only Stars Will Remain

Elena has a complicated life : her mother is an alcoholic, her father left them a long time ago and she feels she doesn't belong anywhere.

Total votes: 96

A young couple lives on the margins of society at the french countryside.

Total votes: 11

Sycomore is the tree of Life, a protection for lovers.
A circus artist meets an actress and what happens? A love story.

Total votes: 17
Passé composé

I remember everything about that day. With frightening precision. It was a somewhat special day...

Total votes: 30
JAZZ a portrait of a forgotten soul of Detroit

Dans une Amérique plus divisée que jamais, Detroit, ville fantomatique, propose la face sombre du rêve américain.

Total votes: 174
THEATRON. Romeo Castellucci

Romeo Castellucci is a di

Total votes: 331
Marius Petipa, le maître français du ballet russe

Un homme, son art, son époque, son héritage.

Total votes: 561

Two brothers, Rocco and Eddy, had their glorious days on the Rock Indé stage back in the late 90s.

Total votes: 640

KRANK : A quest for identity

Maï’s father sends her from Berlin to Paris to stay with an uncle she barely knows, Isaac,

Total votes: 612

KRANK : A quest for identity

Maï’s father sends her from Berlin to Paris to stay with an uncle she barely knows, Isaac,

Total votes: 754

Total votes: 3899


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