Rosana and Hermelinda, two illiterate peasants receive a letter from Pastor, from whom they have not had news for months.

Dos mujeres y una vaca
Total votes: 2360

It tells the story of Walter, an old man obsessively looking for a beautiful woman, who died of a pain of love on her wedding day.

Total votes: 2140
Alba - Yesterday belongs to the dead

David is a young man that lives in the streets of Bogota. One day he decides to seek out the only person who can help him return to his former life.

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Good Friday

On Good Friday of 2020, Isabel and Jesus Maria, habitants of El Santísimo, finding relief for his daughter’s illness.

Total votes: 558

It tells the story of Madeleine, a beautiful woman who died of an unrequited love, due to the infidelity of her boyfriend to her best friend on the day of th

Total votes: 1730
Tierras Tomadas (reclaiming stolen lands)
Total votes: 2510

Ivonne, a porcelain ballerina wants

Total votes: 1735
Las Malas Lenguas (Sweet & Vicious)
Total votes: 1886
My first time

the story of a amateur in love , where a donkey is the solution to overcome the fear of women

Total votes: 755
The Catastrophe of the Present

The Catastrophe of the Present is a video essay that questions how an image of a disaster should look like and the gaze that is imposed on it in our current

Total votes: 232
I, Lucas

A courageous self-portrait of a drunk: Me.

Total votes: 153
Searching for the Animal

Searching for the Animal unveils a profound secret about gender violence during the past five decades in Colombia, through Victor Gaviria's creative process

Total votes: 180
On bitches and fishes

'On bitches and fishes' is a story based on real events in Colombia.In a remote village, commanders of an illegal armed group, charge taxes on its residents

Total votes: 155

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