The Stage

The story takes place after a theatrical performance, between a man and a woman, between an actor and an actress.

Total votes: 247
Newton's Third Law

Sometimes, one doesn’t have the choice..

Total votes: 220
Mon Amour

'Mon Amour' is a film about relationships, about the image we have of ourselves, of the other and of love.

Total votes: 245

Striving for a professional skiing career means you are going to be subjected to great pressure.

Total votes: 169
Pratersauna - The final round

Find out why worldknown DJs like Apparat, Kerri Chandler or Olivier Koletzki had a special relation to the nightlife scene in Vienna.

Total votes: 124
Everything for Naught

A girl on a date with a much younger guy, decides she cant date younger guys anymore.

Total votes: 194

Walter owns the karaoke company „KARA OKAY“ and lives in his own world of music.One night he get's the chance to explore the world of women aswell, but it se

Total votes: 41

Stella works early in the morning at a bar, till an unwanted stranger appears, which stella has to hide from her boss.

Total votes: 225

An evidently successful young business man is tortured one night by terrifying nightmares.

Total votes: 163
Blockbuster - A Life in Moving Pictures

This is the life story of Vlado, born behind the Iron Curtain in Kuřim, in the former Czechoslovakia.

Total votes: 162
Among the Dead

“There is no need to fear the dead; it’s the living you should be scared of“At first glance Among the Dead is about the transience of life.

Total votes: 136

Der Befreiungsschlag aus familiärer Einengung führt Terese in die Kommune des Aktionskünstlers Otto Muehl.

Total votes: 147
Hildegart or Project: Superwoman

In 1933 Aurora Rodriguez shot and killed her 17-year-old daughter Hildegart when the girl refused to continue living the life her mother had planned for her.

Total votes: 140
framing - playground for an inclusive humanism

How do we encounter the voiceless? How do we hear the deaf? How do we show ourselves to the blind? And where do we meet the unconscious?

Total votes: 50
Final Analysis

Dr. Jessica Richards has her last session with a particularly complicated case: LeannHenderson.

Total votes: 101
All about Lukas

International music critics call Lukas the rising star in Europe and want the fourteen year old pianist to conquer the world, but on the other hand his mothe

Total votes: 127


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