Short film from 30 up to 60 minutes (Online link)

Under a Sky

Documentary Film focusing on the immigration of Syrians people who are far away of their land. 

Under a Sky
Total votes: 2950
"The Expediter" - an Independent New York Film

Total votes: 803
Total votes: 974

On an island off the coast of Guadeloupe, two sisters, Myriam and Vanessa, have planned to stay for a few days in the family house, where the sweet memory of

Total votes: 849

Father and daughter, cars and rhinos and the director of the ZOO

Total votes: 977

Have you ever been aware or even cared that 300 millions of human beings are looked down as “untouchables.”  In India the curse of being a n

Total votes: 2204

It is a soul-stirring story of a young mother who moves from the provinces to Moscow willing to assure the decent future for her little son.

Total votes: 1511
Not Ok (a little movie about a small glacier at the end of the world)

Iceland, a country known for the beauty of its 400+ glaciers, is now losing 11 billion tons of glacial ice each year because of global warming.

Total votes: 407
The Last Walk

The Last Walk is a collection of three works of short fiction stitched together to tell stories that highlight the common experie

Total votes: 483
The Things They Left Behind

A year afte

Total votes: 397
The Things They Left Behind

A year afte

Total votes: 500

France, 2002. Anissa is sixteen. Her parents are taking her to Morocco for her wedding. She doesn't want to go. On the road, she runs away.

Anissa 2002
Total votes: 1642
Should I and no one be there

Total votes: 1682
Girl recruits her "GOD"
Total votes: 1014
ShotKam MK IV - Ordinary People

Father and daughter have invited a film crew to capture the moment when a package with something extraordinary arrives.

ShotKam MK IV Ordinary People
Total votes: 807

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