Short film 1 minute (Online link)

Out of Control / Dépasser les Bornes

In an automated world, the man lives among machines.

Total votes: 1295
Tuck me in

 Alex asks his father to 

Total votes: 987
Día del padre (Father's day)

Two children gift their father a very special day, with no r

The best thing a father can do is to spend time with his children.
Total votes: 1088
Love in Reverse

Total votes: 717
Missed call

Alan and Mirjana, both 80 years old and separated by more than 3.000 miles, are forced to love each other through a computer screen.

Total votes: 776
Naranjito (Orange alert)

A sniper awaits impatiently the arrival of his target.

Total votes: 723
Photo Solo

A little love - and not even that!

Total votes: 567

A story told in 60 seconds.

Total votes: 120
Who Is It ?

                                                                                                                            "Who Is It?" 

Total votes: 119
LEE on 21st Century

In a grey forest of concrete and bricks where a child muses in color.

Total votes: 479
Speech!ess - Short Web-Stories
Short comedy stories.
Love, family, desires - all these can be base of our short stories.
Total votes: 4722
Park Creeps

No walls to keep creeps out of the park.

Total votes: 98
Don't Drink and Drive

Short film/commercial which shows us how dangerous is to drink and drive.

Total votes: 255
The Perils of Poor Bowling Ball Storage

Total votes: 822
Total votes: 687

io sono tutto
Total votes: 1608
Chef Almeda

Once upon a time there was a chef on a big town having a small shop comer of a busy was not crowded all the time.

Total votes: 790

A ballerina calls us to remember that we are all born with the ability to create.

Total votes: 1563

In a Kitchen, Far far away, a tale that takes place entirely on Delft til

Total votes: 1421

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