Generation Killer

An assassin is sent back in time in search of an object and at the same time kill off an entire bloodline.

Total votes: 1123

Uka, the Albanian Muslim and Rahela the Jewish woman, are in love with each-other in a very messy and unfortunate time that the Second World War brings to th

Total votes: 736
The Gaze

In hopes of finding greater freedom of movement in Saudi Arabia, a troubled but determined French nurse feels compelled to marry a lonely American engineer,

Total votes: 422
Don Appetit!

The Chicago Don throws a cooking contest to pick a new chef as mobsters fight the pizza wars to win, but a slick bag man may outsmart them all with his own s

Total votes: 451

In 2025, apocalyptic events help a conspiracy theorist decode a government program, which is really an alien takeover that underwrites credit with human life

Total votes: 400
The Hoopla
Total votes: 772
I Am Monster

Mark returns home from a self imposed exile to find that home is not how he left. As he looks to the future he struggles to let go of the past.

Total votes: 427

Julian Temples (aka Julie) is a leading orchestral conductor; on the outside, he’s a well-known, successful and supremely talented individual, but on t

Total votes: 1522
The Son of Amaros

Based on the Books of Enoch Dead Sea Scrolls - teacher angels sent to Earth mate with human women the offspring are abominations in God's eyes he sends aveng

Total votes: 391
Familiar No One'

Jess is a struggling hypnotherapist who is slowly losing her ability to recognise people, gender and the world around her.

Total votes: 427
Brothers Crossing

After his brother Brandon’s tragic death, David Wright goes on a unpredictable journey of self-discovery and amicable love when he finds a journal left behind

Total votes: 530
The wonderful images of the Iguazu National Park, its fauna and flora, the Iguazu Falls and the Devils Throat, are transform
Total votes: 1950
Seriah's Legacy


Total votes: 1875
Total votes: 1654
Lilith The Vampire

In 1484, marked by the clergy moral corruption, popular movements in Europe were widespread. These movements were considered heretical by the Church.

Total votes: 1254

Heaven, is a highly paid Mistress who works for a man named Gavin.

Total votes: 1309
Clyde's Game

Clyde’s Game is a

Total votes: 1886
Cowboys of the Apocalypse

Total votes: 2640
1st SEM

Maru Marasigan, a sixteen-year old incoming freshman from the province, leaves his hometown to study in one of the prestigious universities in Manila.

Precy throws Maru his stuff after the latter decides to go home
Total votes: 2390

Have you ever been aware or even cared that 300 millions of human beings are looked down as “untouchables.”  In India the curse of being a n

Total votes: 2524
After Auschwitz

A short fiction film about survival, truth and reflection.

After Auschwitz
Total votes: 965

A tragedic couple breakup inspired in the actual, real and unfair situation countries like Venezuela and Syria are going through and the brutal Sexual abuse

You voted 4. Total votes: 3760
Deep East Texas

Two estranged brothers discover their ex-con step-father has secretly built a crystal methamphetamine lab on their family timber farm.

Total votes: 69
Lost in Control

Lost in Control is a mother-daughter story shaped by the lessons I learned cycling across the country with a reluctant husband.

Total votes: 39
Think Forward

A man with terminal cancer, an ex-army vicar and a homeless teenage girl, become unlikely allies when they stumble across some drug money.

Total votes: 144
Out to Lunch
Total votes: 57
Made In America

Made In America is about a real girl named Rikki Rivera whose life parallels the inception of the notorious MS13.

Total votes: 53
Instant Harmony

Chris is a lonely man looking for the woman of his romantic dreams.

Total votes: 72
Little Frankie Stein

A Boy Genius, A Talking dog, an evil Teacher , an experiment gone terribly wrong and that’s just the beginning of the laughter

Total votes: 94
Hip Hop High - The Musical®
Total votes: 87
Do It Scared

The inspiring true-life story of Father Robert Galea, who after being involved with a gang, had a number one hit single, sang for the Pope and became a Pries

Total votes: 83
The Greek Passage

Giulio Seta's final mission in Iraki as a war photojournalist ended dramatically.

Total votes: 84

Being pursued by Roman assassins and becoming separated for three years, Ethiopian Princess, the Mari of Magdala and her child, Sara secretly and perilously

Total votes: 195
A Most Dangerous Child

Lauren, a government operative, stumbles upon a cover up so devastating that if discovered would change modern history as we know it.

Total votes: 117
Making a Boob

A misogynistic sports reporter re-evaluates life after a botched operation gives him 40D's.

Total votes: 80
Desert Quarry

Raoul and Detective Mattei meet late in the evening in front of Raoul’s Manhattan jewelry shop.

Total votes: 98
The MacKenzie Breakout

Post Apocalypse Western. Road Warrior on ice.

Total votes: 86
Freeman’s Men

In Freeman's Men, the ambitious army sergeant Stella Freeman's rebellious daughter Keisha goes missing on the day Freeman becomes the first woman to train th

Total votes: 94
Friends or Foes

Against the backdrop of WWII, a German sniper of the AfrikaKorps and a U.S.

Total votes: 84
Fernweh- The Ache for Distant Places

A German girl born in East Africa after WWI longs to go to Germany to be where she fits in, only to have her family dismantled by the wrath of Hitler's regim

Total votes: 228

A mother and daughter of privilege from Connecticut and a victim of sex trafficking from Haiti are drawn into a dangerous web of exploitation on the streets

Total votes: 94
The king of light the order of the dark gods

During the final period of the first Crusade to conquer Jerusalem, a crusader named Fedrick secretly reaches the Holy Sepulchre, finding a mysterious stone.

Total votes: 84
Bless Me Father

A troubled young man seeks out a specific priest for confession. However he doesn't seek absolution, he wants resolution.

Total votes: 137
The Golden Years

Mabel and Norman have been together so long they know everything there is to know about each other ... or do they?

Total votes: 145
Escape to Hollow Earth

A draft resister flees the US to Iceland tempted by absolute power and destiny of the world for either good or evil while encountering an advanced civilizati

Total votes: 90


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