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Three The Movie

The reconstruction of the micro (?) universe of illegal immigrants in the North-East of Italy...

Total votes: 1602

История о ценности человеческой жизни.

Total votes: 529
Transforming Gravity

Total votes: 324
Off Limits

This short film depicts the seduction of a young woman and the p

Total votes: 129
Thou Art: Dublin

Total votes: 162
Gothic Truth

Criminal defense attorney, Carter Brand, falls for Goth club owner, Liam Baker.   The next day he appears outside her courtroom accused of sexual assault.  S

Total votes: 167
Birds Dropping

Two close f

Total votes: 225

Led by enthusiastic film student David, four near strangers trav

Total votes: 218
1st SEM

Maru Marasigan, a sixteen-year old incoming freshman from the province, leaves his hometown to study in one of the prestigious universities in Manila.

Total votes: 352

"My mother says my freckles are kisses from god, but they're just where my demo

Total votes: 244
Something Blue
Total votes: 126

"My mom says my freckles are kisses from God but they’re just where my demons

Total votes: 236

Daniel Sieger is a washed-up loser living in a run-down flat, simultaneously serving as his computer-repair workshop.

Total votes: 155
After Auschwitz

A short fiction film about survival, truth and reflection.

Total votes: 121

The footage for the video was shot in May and June of this year while I was at the artist residency "Die Kolonie" in Worpswede, Germany.

Total votes: 566
Crossing Paths (2016)

Sat alone on a bench, Alison is approached by Matthew. Engaging in conversation she soon learns that their encounter is not by chance.

Total votes: 109

A world-weary cowboy performs his ritualistic preparation for a monumental battle.

Total votes: 896

Physical laws are the basis of our being. In particular, the various forms of energy enable life and evolution, social communities and communication.

Total votes: 274

“Rain“ is an audiovisual synaesthetic study that attempts to present various aspects of human perception in a concrete and an abstract sense.

Total votes: 258

Led by enthusiastic film student David, four near strangers travel to an abandoned monastery MARGAM, to embark on a weeks filming.

Total votes: 71
The Egg

All that Noa wants is to become a mother.

Total votes: 206
The Egg

All that Noa wants is to become a mother.

Total votes: 220

Darklight is a confront

Total votes: 67

Millions of sand grains leap into motion by the magical tone at 2,750 Hz. Patterns arise. Shapes appear.

Total votes: 571

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