A young girl fights for a sense of belonging.

Total votes: 268

An Actress returns from shooting a film to something else while smoking dope at the home of a man known only as "F.M." who is casting and shooting a docudram

Total votes: 47
Footsteps (Arabic)

Arabic with English subtitles

Total votes: 5
Forever Veranda

Jared and Beth meet one day in their favorite place. They bond closely over coffee and spend a great deal of time together.

Total votes: 4
Silent Love Stories - I


A vignette of short love stories driven by a melodic musical score that will leave you with a smile.

Total votes: 3

Circus is a visually and emotionally stimulating short film that features existential themes, the connection of mankind to the cosmos, the theory of afterlif

Total votes: 5

A lonely young man believes that the only way to find joy is to run away to Pluto.

Total votes: 1
The Ghost of Tacande

A legend of the XVII Century contaminates the social environment and the protagonists of this history.

Total votes: 13

Sometimes the war is not just outside, but also inside…

Total votes: 32
Black Halt

After successful hitch from an offshore rig, as unpredictable as fate’s gamble could be it jeopardized a normal happy day of an offshore oil worker.A soul pa

Total votes: 71
Two Pink Lines

Two pink lines on an early pregnancy test strip take a young women on the journey of discovery and self-doubt.

Total votes: 111
Straight Down the Line: A Trip Through Fifteen Dark Films -- Part 1

A trip through fifteen dark films: Blood Simple, Blue Velvet, Bonnie and Clyde, Breathless, Chinatown, Dirty Harry, Double Indemnity, The French Connection,

Total votes: 2
The Cursed Man

Alister believes death is in love with him. A simple smile from friend or stranger is all it takes to encourage death to kill.

Total votes: 47
my Mont d'or

'my Mont d'or' 85min.15sec.
A production of 'Opéra brut'
A film by Nina Goedé

Total votes: 69

Partly paralysed by polio, Vlado is stuck in his flat and unable to take care of himself.

Total votes: 119
Letters from the Afghany woman
Total votes: 64

Set inside their home, a beloved hatchback, Pearl follows a girl and her dad as they crisscross the country chasing their dreams.

Total votes: 195

Known for his blockbuster movies, Spanish director Javier Aguirre worked meanwhile in his avant-garde (almost unknown) films breaking all the rules of cinema

Total votes: 17
Money Time

Introductory tagline:

A journey to the farthest reaches of the steppe and outer space


Total votes: 41
Cuckold Picasso

"A powerful, jolting experience to the senses that forces the viewer into introspection."- Persis LOVE, Oaxaca FilmFest

Total votes: 49
A step outside your Mind

This is the story of Billie's love story ( told by Kathryn Hunter ).

Total votes: 115
BERLIN layers of movement

The film collage by the Artist Natascha Kuederli shows over three days and three nights the many-layered transport movements that run through the city Berlin

BERLIN layers of movement
Total votes: 77
An Echo of theModern Part 1

This film takes an abstract look at how colonialism's left its former subjects in a state of disarray.

Total votes: 175
Dancing Queen

Dancing Queen is an abstracted narrative examining routine through movement. The film vivaciously alludes to the unceasing passage of time.

Total votes: 3
Bahia Delivery

Experimental documentary about the roads in Brazil's rough northeast region and the people living at it's edges.

Total votes: 42
Mononykus crest

Installation of movie-like art.
Through communicating topics modern society are expressed by a positive irony.

Omnibus of 4 themes

Total votes: 128
Judith: A Domestic Psychodrama for Screendance and Orchestra

Judith is the heroine of the Old Testament legend in which an Israelite widow saves her city, Bethulia, by seducing and beheading Holofernes, the general of

Total votes: 39
Dear Frankie

On a young woman's journey to heal she must relive her past and face her conflicting feelings towards her unstable friend.

Total votes: 182
Paris you got me

The street artist George lures Ksenia into his magic world of art illusions.
Paris, you got me:

Total votes: 35
Boo-boo don’t go away

This story is about a girl who has bad eyesight strolls around Nakano in Tokyo.

Total votes: 59
Aphra and Aradia

Aphra, a young woman in search of her sister’s ghost, travels to an island to meet a witch, Aradia.

Total votes: 1162
Not Ok (a little movie about a small glacier at the end of the world)

Iceland, a country known for the beauty of its 400+ glaciers, is now losing 11 billion tons of glacial ice each year because of global warming.

Total votes: 429
Jo é Pu

Total votes: 805

The story is focuse

Total votes: 1243
I See You See I See You

In a world of visually discernible information, one does as one sees.

Total votes: 1197

Una comunidad de mujeres

Total votes: 2261
Os Fillos da Vide

Returning to her roots, Ana Domínguez makes a journey that goes from the personal to the ancestral through the cycles of life and the seasons: vineyards, gra

Total votes: 805

Total votes: 615

Total votes: 750

Physical laws are the basis of our being. In particular, the various forms of energy enable life and evolution, social communities and communication.

Total votes: 5411

“Rain“ is an audiovisual synaesthetic study that attempts to present various aspects of human perception in a concrete and an abstract sense.

Total votes: 5107

Out of the rubble of the Soviet Union, she is ready to pounce: the invincible lioness - determined,

Total votes: 2608
Christian Video "Break the Spell"

Fu Jinhua was an elder of a house

Total votes: 836
Gospel Movie "The Mystery of Godliness"


Total votes: 874


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