The Michael Jackson Magical Moon-Tour

The film is set in the year 2023, in an 'alternate-reality' where Michael Jackson is still alive.

Total votes: 198
We Shall Overcome

In this grotesque universe, yearning students of different gender & race participate in what appears to be a ritualistic exam.

Total votes: 26
Slam Bang Blue

Slam Bang Blue (2018) investigates various mechanisms of war and draws upon current events.

Total votes: 288
Imperfect Unless Performed In Blood

On the river bank she sits and battles the world with words.

Like the twilight, someone enters the room.

Total votes: 89

A man searches for deep answers in a patterned systematic world, he finds a teacher and guide who seduces and guides him

Total votes: 17
When You Get Carried Away Making A Sandwich

When a young man, Donn, is left unsatisfied with his lunch, he sets out to create his best sandwich yet.

Total votes: 201

When starting to film APPEARANCE it was difficult to determine whether the framing was going to be acceptable, and what period of time it would take for the

Total votes: 12

Acaiaca is based on a legend about a sacred cedar that was chopped down by the Portuguese, which caused the destruction of the nearby Puri Indian tribe in ju

Total votes: 32
Who Will Stop Me

When a young woman is eerily confronted by a DHS agent who accuses her boyfriend of running an illegal cyber marketplace, she's forced to make a life changin

Total votes: 12

An experimental poetry film about the changes & pain associated with becoming an adult. Watching relationships and friendships change.

Total votes: 207

A group of blindfolded singers rebels against the conductor, against the idea of ​​a "traditional" family.

Total votes: 118
Cross Section

In the bunker-like underground department at a Danish University Hospital, giant machines packed to the brim with linear acceleration, x-ray and magnetic res

Total votes: 391

Two Children born in same day, one in rich family named Gagan and other one in a poor family named Swami.

Total votes: 59
A Journey to Rome - Discovering Venus Anh

Jessica, a student from London, travels to Rome to learn more about the epic poem "Venus Anh" - the ancient Roman goddess of women's rights.

Total votes: 18
Indelible Winter

A guy is led by his romantic fantasy to a series of twists in life, with a nightmarish ending.

Total votes: 118
My Son Thomas

Kevin Malcom is a middle-aged American doctor who has moved to Italy to study a new medicinethat can cure a serious fatal disease of which his son Thomas die

Total votes: 33
Music, Canvas, Oil...

Screenplay, direction, art direction, production design, author of the paintings, video and audio montage: Sergey POPOLSIN

Total votes: 94

Five hundred years of world art in five minutes, featuring three dozen iconic works rendered with nylon-tip pen and animated old school style.

Total votes: 118
Lucky & Finnegan

Based on a live recorded song, written and composed by Ronley Teper, "Lucky and Finnegan" is a surreal short animated film narrating an adventure of mystical

Total votes: 148

When you feel it, just run. "Timing" takes you on a silly musical & visual journey through time zones.

Total votes: 201

The conversation—between sound and image, seasons come and gone, natural and altered landscapes, and an unseen man and woman—begins as a duet betwee

Total votes: 45
Through Time

A film about collecting; about the glass fossil; about consolation and about procreation.

Total votes: 102
The Last Faust

THE LAST FAUST is the world's first and only definitive filmed version of Johan Wofgang von Goethe’s epic verse drama Faust 1 and 2.

Total votes: 17

Samuel has a brain tumor, suffers from tremendous psychological problems, fights with suicidal thoughts in which he encounters himself, strong déjà-vus and d

Total votes: 39
If We Meet Again

This video is a metaphor for the way we lead our lives, seemingly blind to a calamity in the making.

Total votes: 21
What We Say

Dehumanizing through hateful slurs paves the way to inflict pain on the Other.

Total votes: 20
The Dental Plan

NYC Indie Film Awards - Best Feature Film

Depth of Field International Film Festival - Kudos Award


Total votes: 114

Ancient scriptures mention of a different physical world or dimension which we all go to when we sleep or when we dream or when we die.

Total votes: 154

A dialogue between reality, faith, biography, family and fantastic.
In memory of the grandfather, Ghiță Vidu from Socolari.

Total votes: 127
Beautiful Colors

Beautiful Colors is a glimpse into a forgotten way of seeing.

Total votes: 196
Light Matter

A black-and-white film that lets you see colors.

Total votes: 195
Copy Shop

The Oscar-nominated classic of 2001, which won 37 international awards: a man copies himself until he fills up the entire world.

Total votes: 254
Take Me In Your Arms
Total votes: 23
The Messenger * Hermes Remembers

Hermes, the most human-like of all the Olympian gods, is now old.

Total votes: 59
Wooden Horse

A man feels lonely and trapped in a life in which every day starts and ends exactly the same as the day before.

Total votes: 15

Fashion Film. A photographer on a strange world explores different rituals and observes them until something effects her deeply.

Total votes: 234
AVE — (Alta Velocidad Espanol) variation #7

The following video is part of a series of visual poems entitled "Variations on a Spanish Landscape." This video is a personal interpretation of the Spanish

Total votes: 32
In the Sky

Essential in our lives: “water.” In this video, the zooming in and out of the camera brings three water tanks alive:
they move,
they watch,

Total votes: 6
Nena & Dave Stewart: "Be my Rebel"

Winner of 38 international awards!

Total votes: 437
Back Track

The 2015 noir-3D-remix-hit winning 11 international film awards!

Total votes: 191

On the day of delivering the house key, Takis called his friend André to help with the last cleansing. Leaving a home can be painful.

Total votes: 96
Dreaming The Memories of Now

Journeying into the mythical space of southern Mexico, visual artists Geska and Robert Brecevic and their five-year old daughter Katja unearth complex storie

Total votes: 178
Andersen and the Jinn

Experience the First of One Thousand and One Nights

Total votes: 230
Scaling Iceland
Total votes: 116

The film“Monsoon” derives its title from the word “Mausam” which means seasons.

Total votes: 114
The Eternal Reform

An essay about human ruin.

Total votes: 37
Moomal Rano

Moomal Rano is classic folk tale of Sindh ancient Indus civilization.

Total votes: 56
The Infidel

Jake, a man of God, is taken hostage by an extremist.

Total votes: 19


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