The conversation—between sound and image, seasons come and gone, natural and altered landscapes, and an unseen man and woman—begins as a duet betwee

Total votes: 29
Through Time

A film about collecting; about the glass fossil; about consolation and about procreation.

Total votes: 52
The Last Faust

THE LAST FAUST is the world's first and only definitive filmed version of Johan Wofgang von Goethe’s epic verse drama Faust 1 and 2.

Total votes: 7

Samuel has a brain tumor, suffers from tremendous psychological problems, fights with suicidal thoughts in which he encounters himself, strong déjà-vus and d

Total votes: 8
If We Meet Again

This video is a metaphor for the way we lead our lives, seemingly blind to a calamity in the making.

Total votes: 12
What We Say

Dehumanizing through hateful slurs paves the way to inflict pain on the Other.

Total votes: 8
The Dental Plan

NYC Indie Film Awards - Best Feature Film

Depth of Field International Film Festival - Kudos Award


Total votes: 67

Ancient scriptures mention of a different physical world or dimension which we all go to when we sleep or when we dream or when we die.

Total votes: 95

A dialogue between reality, faith, biography, family and fantastic.
In memory of the grandfather, Ghiță Vidu from Socolari.

Total votes: 76
Beautiful Colors

Beautiful Colors is a glimpse into a forgotten way of seeing.

Total votes: 102
Light Matter

A black-and-white film that lets you see colors.

Total votes: 101
Copy Shop

The Oscar-nominated classic of 2001, which won 37 international awards: a man copies himself until he fills up the entire world.

Total votes: 139
Take Me In Your Arms
Total votes: 8
The Messenger * Hermes Remembers

Hermes, the most human-like of all the Olympian gods, is now old.

Total votes: 31
Wooden Horse

A man feels lonely and trapped in a life in which every day starts and ends exactly the same as the day before.

Total votes: 10

Fashion Film. A photographer on a strange world explores different rituals and observes them until something effects her deeply.

Total votes: 156
AVE — (Alta Velocidad Espanol) variation #7

The following video is part of a series of visual poems entitled "Variations on a Spanish Landscape." This video is a personal interpretation of the Spanish

Total votes: 25
In the Sky

Essential in our lives: “water.” In this video, the zooming in and out of the camera brings three water tanks alive:
they move,
they watch,

Total votes: 5
Nena & Dave Stewart: "Be my Rebel"

Winner of 38 international awards!

Total votes: 243
Back Track

The 2015 noir-3D-remix-hit winning 11 international film awards!

Total votes: 106

On the day of delivering the house key, Takis called his friend André to help with the last cleansing. Leaving a home can be painful.

Total votes: 57
Dreaming The Memories of Now

Journeying into the mythical space of southern Mexico, visual artists Geska and Robert Brecevic and their five-year old daughter Katja unearth complex storie

Total votes: 94
Andersen and the Jinn

Experience the First of One Thousand and One Nights

Total votes: 131
Scaling Iceland
Total votes: 90

The film“Monsoon” derives its title from the word “Mausam” which means seasons.

Total votes: 74
The Eternal Reform

An essay about human ruin.

Total votes: 15
Moomal Rano

Moomal Rano is classic folk tale of Sindh ancient Indus civilization.

Total votes: 41
The Infidel

Jake, a man of God, is taken hostage by an extremist.

Total votes: 0
Point of View

80 MINUTES WITHOUT CUT ************************************************** "Dive into a REAL - TIME - FAMILY - DRAMA and become the main character."

Point of View Trailer (Engl. subtitles)
Total votes: 354

A short film about an artist, a painter who struggles with her own creativity and self-judgment.

Total votes: 9
Organum Mathematicum

Organum Mathematicum is an uninterrupted 21-minute psychedelic trip of original visuals and music rooted in early European electronica á la Kraftwerk, Jean M

Total votes: 65
Elliott Mallane's Murder

This is my take of the Mallane footage. If you’re not aware of what this is. It's an Australian manslaughter case from 2014.

Total votes: 42
A Vipassana Musical

A musical/documentary. A guest from Sweden travels to Mongolia to live with a nomadic family.

Total votes: 59
Mt Vernon Exploratory School Drone Movie

Two second graders use drones to document the inside and outside of their school

Total votes: 40
AVE variation #7
Total votes: 41

A mother's fear of losing her child entangled between life and death. A presence from a different dimension will open a way to reunite with him.

Total votes: 87
Não Lugar (Non Place)

Father and son travel somewhere in some oriental landscape in 1992.
The illness came em 1993.

Total votes: 175
Song Sotto Voce

A young woman wanders the deserted expanses with a rolling suitcase. A father appears on her skin like a tattoo.

Total votes: 126

Charlie and Holden are taking a walk when they find two pairs of sunglasses on a park bench.

Total votes: 93

Inspired by southern Haiti’s Vodou and Kanaval cosmologies, and co-written with the entire cast and crew, Zanj Hegel La (Hegel’s Angel) is a cinematic fable

Total votes: 89
Ever, Rêve

Ever, Rêve, Hélène Cixous films the roads to creation of a feminist legend, a 1968 activist, a famous playwright and poet who shares all the “wars of liberat

Total votes: 38

three is an experimental documentation of revelations of self, wander, curiosity, playfulness, and longing through a road trip.

Total votes: 15
The Bride of Frankenstein

This collaborative music video features Jee SEO’s composition, ‘... Moments Musicaux ...’.

Total votes: 18

Periplaneta, main actor and conductor of "the blatte battle", a sound rehearsal, takes on the double role and lets himself be surprised by a "biological" col

Total votes: 94

Witness musicians, dancers and famous singers in VR close ups, as well get the possibility to travel through locations audience is normally entirely excluded

Total votes: 117

‘Requiem’ began as a memorial to my late husband, the writer and scholar David Brett but has now taken on more universal themes especially focusing on the na

Total votes: 9
The Distraction Towers

On the road to spiritual transcendence, a voice over artist gets lost in the forest. He makes some commercials along the way.

Total votes: 7

In Plankton we get a glimpse of the ideas and aspirations that float around at the bottom of the food chain.

Total votes: 11


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