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Antes que se tire la sal / Spilling Salt
Bolivia the country that gave birth to capitalism, holds a sea of salt, the heart of the spirit of the earth "Pachamama&
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The Vibrations

Hallucinations composed with musical musings, concerts and wanderings.

Total votes: 1520
This is not dying


On the doorstep of the Sequoias; this music driven shamanic journey begins; the

Total votes: 894

A journalist and a cameraman penetrate there looking for a myste

Total votes: 980

Alex Alonso is a filmmaker and drug addicted. In this biopic we watch him suffer through all kinds of behaviors.

men standing in his boxers in the bathroom
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Sunflower Spaceship 1

Dr Cosmos (psychiatrist) finds out that the only possible way to help his patient Feferoni is a cinema therapy and helping him making films.

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Haanduk (The Hidden Corner)

After many anxious years Heramoni mother of Mukti who had left home to join and an extremist outfit is handed a mutilated bullet

Total votes: 5603

Have you ever been aware or even cared that 300 millions of human beings are looked down as “untouchables.”  In India the curse of being a n

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Four Wise Monkeys

People often create fantasies and genuinely believe in them.

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Mononukus crest

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Haruan: The Snakehead

Do bad deeds always beget badness?

A dark tale of a magical fish and its flawed human friends.

Haruan: The Snakehead
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5. Live now / Жити заре

about human which must change outlook that move forward

Total votes: 1863
The Perfect Husband

A married couple decide to spend a weekend in a remote cabin, but the romantic journey will take a turn for the worst, when a sneaking suspicion become pure

Total votes: 1742
The Michael Jackson Magical Moon-Tour

The film is set in the year 2023, in an 'alternate-reality' where Michael Jackson is still alive.

Total votes: 146
The Way Forward

A Russian psychologist invites seven strangers to his dining room and challenges them to forgive their fathers.

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Total votes: 1681
Christian Movie | "Stinging Memories"


Total votes: 1751
Gospel Movie "Caught the Last Train"


Total votes: 1609
Gospel Movie "Honor and Dishonor"


Total votes: 1916
Gospel Movie "Awakening"


Total votes: 1798
Gospel Movie "Mission of Love"


Total votes: 1831
Gospel Movie "Come Out of the Bible"


Total votes: 1884
Christian Video | "Rapture in Peril"


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